Halo 3 Player Gets Stuck in Checkpoint Loop After Jumping on Ship They Shouldn’t Have Been Able to Reach

One curious player manages to make their way on top of a Covenant ship in Halo 3 that wasn’t meant to be boarded, and the results are rather amusing.

For many fans of the series, Halo 3 is an important game in the Halo franchise. Being the first Halo game to introduce Forge mode, along with a number of fan-favorite weapons, Halo 3 remains special to Halo fans everywhere. Although, for such an old game, players are still managing to accomplish rather curious feats within Halo 3, which includes unintentionally boarding a Covenant ship that wasn’t meant to be boarded.

Despite releasing nearly fifteen years ago, Halo 3 still remains prevalent in the Halo series, with players spending years trying to push the game to its absolute limits. To the point where players actually managed to break Halo 3’s skybox and enter the Picture Room, which is essentially a white space filled with art assets from Halo 3. However, this most recent discovery is comparatively more humorous.


A Reddit user named drakirby managed to find their way onto a Covenant ship during a mission in Halo 3 that was not meant to be boarded. The user realized that it wasn’t meant to be boarded when the ship—along with every enemy NPC—despawned in midair and the user fell to their death. Sadly, the ship passed over a checkpoint activation, so the player was stuck in a constant loop of spawning on the ship, only for the ship to disappear.

Even though this event likely happened by accident, the fact that the player still managed to not only do this in game, but trigger a checkpoint while still on the Covenant ship is quite hilarious. Given how abrupt the ship and the enemies despawn, it’s likely that Bungie developers did not account for something like this at the time.

In any case, it’s amazing how much attention Halo 3 continues to receive from its community of fans. Then again, given the recent Xbox 360 server shut down for Halo 3, this likely has caused a revitalization in Halo 3’s popularity. Considering the numerous tributes to Halo 3 as well as clips like these, it goes to show how much love fans still have for this entry in the series.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Halo going forward. Halo Infinite has cultivated a massive amount of success in the short time it’s been commercially available. Though, many fans are wondering when additional pieces of content for Halo Infinite will be released. Forge mode still has yet to be released and there’s likely a lot of other content that 343 Industries has in store for players that hasn’t been shared yet.

Halo 3 is available to play on PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

Source: Gamerant

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