Half-Life: Black Mesa Team Shows New Screenshots for Upcoming Blue Shift and Opposing Force Campaigns

The Half-Like remake Black Mesa has gone down as a very successful fan project, and new images appear showing off the next campaigns being launched.

Valve’s sci-fi shooter Half-Life, originally released in 1998, has left in its wake something of a legacy in the genre. As one of the best FPS games of the 1990s, it influenced a lot of titles that came after it. With its seamless level design, overall plot, environment storytelling, as well as introducing the world to Gordon Freeman, it enjoyed huge success made ever more impressive by it being the studio’s debut release. In 2015, the fan-made project Black Mesa was released, with a full launch in 2020, which retold the original game in a modern engine. Since then, it’s been announced that the team behind it is working on additional campaigns.


According to a recent report from DSO Gaming, Crowbar Collective, who is responsible for the highly-praised Half-Life remake, has unleashed some new screenshots for the upcoming Blue Shift and Opposing Force expansions for the game. Some additional details show that these two campaigns will have extended gameplay, as well as some new content and some enhancements to the visuals. Both campaigns will be coming in one package, known as Operation: Black Mesa.

Half-Life: Blue Shift and Opposing Force were additional stories for the original game, which cleverly reimagined the disastrous scenario at the Black Mesa facility from different perspectives. The former had the player take on the role of the security guard, while the latter was from the viewpoint of a marine soldier who has been sent into the lab to cover up the accident and hunt down Gordon Freeman. Currently, the screenshots make these new games look pretty impressive, on par with Black Mesa.

Image from the Half-Life: Opposing Force remake showing marines and some army trucks outside.

Many fans of the series have been eagerly awaiting news about a possible third entry, especially given the way Half-Life 2: Episode 2 ended back in 2007. Sadly, Half Life 3 is unlikely to ever happen, but Crowbar Collective has done an amazing job of reimagining the original game in a more up-to-date engine. The studio even added new content, changed a few areas to keep fans on their toes, and hired voice actors to record all dialogue from scratch.

The likes of Half-Life 2 is still receiving updates to this day, showing that the franchise is not something that is being left in the dirt. While a third game may be dead in the water at this point, the remake of Blue Shift and Opposing Force will still be a solid entry in the series, and will at least keep many fans of the 1998 classic happy, especially given how well-received Black Mesa was.

The original Half-Life game was released in 1998.

Source: DSO Gaming

Source: Gamerant

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