Guillermo del Toro Name Drops Silent Hill at The Game Awards

During an award introduction at The Game Awards, Guillermo Del Toro makes mention of Silent Hill, sparking fan speculation.

It’s been seven years since the release of P.T., the playable teaser for Guillermo Del Toro and Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills franchise reboot/long-awaited sequel. Konami shut down the project long ago during Kojima’s departure from the studio, but fans haven’t ever given up on the idea of a follow-up to last entry to the Silent Hill franchise, and it seems that Guillermo Del Toro hasn’t, either.

Guillermo Del Toro made a brief appearance in the form of a pre-recorded video at The Game Awards 2021, in order to introduce both this year’s Best Art Direction award as well as a trailer for his upcoming project, Nightmare Alley. However, it’s the name drop that Guillermo Del Toro noted in his introduction that made Silent Hill fans take notice.


Following an introduction from Hideo Kojima, which has stirred up even more fan fervor, Guillermo Del Toro gave a brief speech prior to revealing the winner of gaming’s Best Art Direction. Prior to the reveal, though, he briefly mentioned Silent Hill, stating, “You know, one franchise I love the art direction in: Silent Hill. I hope we get a new one of those.” He then shrugged before moving on.

Sadly, that’s all the information that fans got out of Del Toro, and it leaves a lot to speculate over. Silent Hill fans are likely wondering if something is still going on with Silent Hill and both Kojima and Del Toro, which may be what he was implying with this comment. However, it seems just as likely that Del Toro is simply taking the opportunity to poke at Konami, which still hasn’t officially revealed any kind of sequel or follow-up to the franchise after all these years.

Of course, the lack of concrete information hasn’t stopped rumors. Just a couple months ago, rumors arose that Kojima was working on Silent Hill once again, but they were discredited by other insiders in the industry. Beyond that, however, other rumors have claimed that multiple Silent Hill projects may be in the works, potentially under the umbrella of ouside developers. In the meantime, it’s become clear that fans are still desperate for a new game, even going so far as to badger the developers of Abandoned due to mistaken beliefs that the game’s title and even developer were just a cover for a new Silent Hill.

For now, players will just have to keep hoping, but they can at least take comfort in knowing that one of the leads of the canceled Silent Hills reboot project is pining among them.

Source: Gamerant

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