GTA Vice City Definitive Edition Video Shows Return of Supercop

Those who have been aware of the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition release are likely well aware of the number of bugs it launched with. However, with that being said, not every bug that appears in the Definitive Edition of GTA was a byproduct of a botched remaster. Some of them have been around for as long as the series entries’ original releases.

Recently, a GTA: Vice City player shared a strange occurrence where in the midst of a side mission, a cop suddenly appeared out of thin air and ruined everything. Those who are unfamiliar with the original release might think it was one of Definitive Edition’s many glitches, but that’s not the case here.


The SuperCop

Grand Theft Auto Vice City‘s got a legend, and it’s typically referred to as Supercop or Ultracop. For whatever reason, this particular entry, even when it originally released for the PS2, would sometimes see players experiencing GTA cops emerging out of thin air to arrest them. Generally, this would only happen when a player had a particularly high star rating. It’s not out of the question for cops to go to extreme lengths in GTA to arrest someone, but the peculiarity of the Supercop is interesting.

Supercop has been known to show up even in mid-air in order to apprehend a suspect. In this particular case, it’s a bit odd that the Supercop appeared, as it seems as though the player didn’t have a star rating at all. In fact, after being yanked from the car, Supercop simply walks away, seemingly content to have ruined the player’s side mission.

Redditor ZonZolto joked that their driving was so bad that it encouraged the cop to appear, and some in the comments, amused, agreed. Ultimately, it’s unclear if the GTA Trilogy Remaster actually made the Supercop situation worse or not. In any case, while this bug may seem to be annoying to some, those who experienced the original PS2 title and were haunted by Supercop may be strangely glad to see them still around. It’s a unique oddity that can strike at any time, which is particularly interesting since cops in GTA‘s PS2 hits didn’t have particularly good AI or pathfinding.

GTA, like other open world games, has always had its glitches and bugs, like sending Niko flying after running into a GTA 4 swingset. With any luck, any future patches to the game will continue to iron out problems with the remaster while leaving Supercop in place.

Grand Theft Auto Trilogy The Definitive Edition is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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