GTA Online Unveils Free Login Gifts, Discounts, and More for New Years

Grand Theft Auto Online‘s snow may have vanished with the most recent update, but that doesn’t mean that the festive cheer is over quite yet. Fans who find themselves with some free time over the next week should consider logging in to net quite a few freebies and deals.

GTA Online regularly offers deals and discounts on in-game properties, vehicles, and more, but it gets a bit more generous with the presents during the holiday season. Following free loot for Black Friday, GTA Online is now gifting players free cosmetics and equipment just for logging in during New Years’ week.


Players who picked up the Black Friday GTA Online gifts will be familiar with a few of these, as some of them are repeats from then. Players can expect to see their inventory of snacks and armor completely refilled, while they’ll also receive a firework launcher with 20 firework rockets, 25 free grenades and sticky bombs, and 10 proximity mines and molotov cocktails to help get the festivities off to an explosive start.

In terms of cosmetics, players will receive a free brown sea lion mask and green festive tee. Logging in will also grant the player blue glow shades and a party glow necklace, adding to the limited variety of light-up cosmetics available in the game. As these are often difficult to acquire, those who want to liven up their character’s look are highly recommended to not miss logging in this week.

gta online computer screen office

In addition to these freebies, players can also expect a 40% off discount on special cargo warehouses and executive offices, as well as a 30% discount on office renovations. Those who can’t quite afford the current offerings can expect to net a 50% bonus on earnings through security contracts and payphone hits that launched with The Contract DLC. Selling special cargo, VIP Work and Challenges, Resurrection mode and Tiny Racers will also offer the player 2x the usual RP and GTA$.

It’s a good time to net some cash for players who find themselves coming up short, as new vehicle Mammoth Patriot Mil-Spec is also now available with this update. It’s not cheap, costing a minimum of $1,282,500. Those interested in adding some of the new perks to the vehicle, like the Missile Lock-on Jammer, will also need to save up for that and the necessary vehicle workshop.

While GTA 5 never got the single-player DLC that fans were hoping for, The Contract DLC in GTA Online continues protagonist Franklin’s story, showing how far his character has come and revealing which ending to GTA 5 was canon. With that breath of fresh air and plenty of goodies, it’s a good time to be a GTA Online player.

GTA Online is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Rockstar Games

Source: Gamerant

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