GTA Online Sniper Takes Out Attack Plane Griefer

One Grand Theft Auto Online player manages to take out an attacking griefer in an LF-22 Starling but using only a sniper rifle.

In Grand Theft Auto Online, players engage in PvP combat across the streets of Los Santos. The popular multiplayer game allows players total access to its vast armory of rocket launchers, machine guns, plus explosives from the get-go. However, while most players simply resort to loading up on the most destructive weapons in GTA Online to take on attacking griefers, one player found out what happens when they bring just a sniper rifle to a fighter jet fight.

For the uninitiated, like many other games under the Rockstar Games umbrella, Grand Theft Auto Online gives players control over whether they decide to do a little good or a little bad to rival players in its sprawling world. Fortunately, those who’d rather sit out this decision can switch to passive mode, which makes them invincible. However, this is not always possible and leaves the player as a sitting duck for a griefer. But while most griefing incidents end with only the targeted player suffering for it, sometimes griefers get their comeuppance.


Now, here to reinforce this notion of Grand Theft Auto Online, Reddit user Giblin has posted a short 26-second-long clip onto the game’s subreddit showing sharp justice being served in the game. Leaving many gamers both stunned and amused at another griefer getting their comeuppance in a Rockstar game, the clip shows the player exploring the Vespucci beach area of the Los Santos district, a literal sandbox already infamous for its bizarre GTA Online sightings. All is fine until Giblin notices a shadow of a stalking LF-22 Starling fighter plane creep up from behind.

Nevertheless, unlike Cary Grant during the iconic crop duster scene in the 1959 thriller North by Northwest, Giblin stands their ground and takes on the foreboding fighter plane with just the weapons in their inventory. At first, Gibin attempts to blow up the aircraft using their over-powered GTA Online Homing Launcher, but the griefer exceeds the launcher’s lock-on range limit. With little to no other options left, Gibin switches to the Heavy Sniper and takes a quick shot at the cockpit. Remarkably, this one bullet accomplished the assignment, and the griefer goes down immediately.

In summary, while the unfortunate truth to Grand Theft Auto Online is that spending enormous sums of money on vehicles of mass destruction is the most viable method to handle enemies, even the base game arsenal can do some real damage. Thankfully, videos like this prove that is also possible for lower rank players to take on griefers, only if they decide to invest the time to master the affordable base game weapons.

Grand Theft Auto Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One with PS5 and Xbox Series X versions also in development.

Source: Gamerant

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