GTA Online Players Discuss Game’s Most Useless Features

Fans discuss which GTA Online features are less useful than others among the game’s many options that let players live their best gangster life.

As Grand Theft Auto Online is almost 10 years old, some players have been discussing the most useless features in the game. GTA Online has various options to let players live their outlaw lives freely in San Andreas, but some features are rarely used if not completely forgotten by the community.

GTA Online regularly brings new features for players to enjoy, from additional missions to new vehicles and weapons. The monthly GTA Online updates provide new content so that players always have something to do in San Andreas, even 10 years after launch. Twice a year, Rockstar reveals a new major update for GTA Online, introducing new story missions, features, and gameplay updates. The latest major GTA Online update was Los Santos Drug Wars in December 2022, which introduced a story mission related to the psychedelics trade in Los Santos.


On Reddit, players are discussing the GTA Online features that they deem the most useless. SlimGoon started the discussion with a picture of the in-game email feature that allows players to contact one another through the computers featured in GTA Online. Some players didn’t even know that this feature existed, while others questioned its utility since GTA Online includes a chat function for players to communicate.

According to the comments on this Reddit post, players are finding that GTA Online includes various features deemed useless by its community. StalledAgate832 noted that the stock market website was available in GTA Online despite the feature not being introduced in this game mode, rendering the website completely useless. Other features work fine but have easier alternatives, like the ATM machines that were rendered useless by the possibility of withdrawing money directly from the iFruit phone. However, RP players still enjoy this feature as it brings more realism to the game, even if it lacks a real purpose.

Despite these few complaints about useless features in GTA Online, Rockstar’s game remains as popular as ever. Many players enjoy sharing their adventures on roleplaying servers, even after Rockstar updated its GTA Online RP server policies to prevent third-party users from making money off of Grand Theft Auto 5. Several streamers gathered a community that enjoys watching them play GTA RP, even though they sometimes end up being banned from the game. GTA Online offers more flexibility than the solo campaign of Grand Theft Auto 5, with players often posting their gameplay highlights on social media.

Grand Theft Auto Online is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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