GTA Online Player Pulls Off Insane Sniper Shot from Helicopter

A Grand Theft Auto Online player takes their marksmanship to the next level by sniping a target from a massive distance inside a moving helicopter.

Grand Theft Auto V provided a huge map for players to explore and a story set within the space of Los Santos and San Andreas surrounding three major characters. However, the launch of the multiplayer mode of Grand Theft Auto V titled Grand Theft Auto Online was seen by many in the next step of allowing players true freedom in the game’s map. In the years since Grand Theft Auto Online first launched, there have been many changes that have made the online portion of Grand Theft Auto V an entirely different experience from its story mode.


From the initial Heists update which allowed players to team up in groups of four and take on set missions similar to the heists seen in story mode, to the most recent update, titled the “Contract Expansion,” returned the character of Franklin to Grand Theft Auto alongside a cameo from Dr Dre. With hoverbikes, laser miniguns and orbital airstrikes now available for players with the levels and money in Grand Theft Auto Online, fans have noticed that things can tend to get a little wacky in the city of Los Santos.

Wacky and strange though, usually makes for some interesting moments. A player can now experience anything from the car they’re trying to steal attacking them, to an encounter with a UFO, and though there are some complaints within the community that the Grand Theft Auto Online experience is too different, many players are still having tons of fun over eight years after Grand Theft Auto Online initially dropped. One player went a little old school even, creating their impressive moment with a combination of first-person mode and a sniper.

The clip of this moment, which was posted to Reddit, shows the player opening the door to a cargo helicopter or “cargobob” as it is sometimes called, looking around with a regular rifle before switching to their sniper, then finding another player wandering the streets and shooting them. The player then calmly reloads, sending a magazine flying to the ground below. Something even more impressive about this clip is it doesn’t seem like the player is using aim assist, a powerful feature in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Commenters quickly praised the clip and the shot, with one saying “Guy went quickly from Gta to Warzone in Gta.” Shots like these may seem straight out of an FPS like Battlefield or Call of Duty, but can be accomplished in Grand Theft Auto Online as well, so long as a player spends more time in the shooting range than they do grabbing the latest flying car. Even with all of those new updates, players are still finding the old features of Grand Theft Auto Online interesting, like one player who discovered it’s possible to watch car chases live on TV.

Grand Theft Auto Online is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamerant

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