GTA Online Fans Discuss Most ‘Annoying’ Characters

Hundreds of Grand Theft Auto Online players are listing and debating the multiplayer mode’s most irritating side characters.

Although known for its detailed vast open-world sandbox filled with gameplay events and scenic environments, a lot of the enjoyment in Grand Theft Auto Online comes from its riveting cast of memorable supporting characters. From the crazy street gang member Lamar Davis to Imani, who was introduced in the recent GTA Online DLC The Contract, the multiplayer mode is chock full of figures that have struck a chord with many players. With that said, fans are now taking a moment to dive into the game’s more controversial characters.


Despite being over seven years old, Grand Theft Auto Online remains to be incredibly popular within the gaming community. While most players pick up a controller and tune in to GTA Online to cause mayhem with friends, a significant portion of the community is deeply involved in the game solely because of its active role-playing scene and sprawling narrative that has been bolstered through countless DLC. Much like a television show, Rockstar Games has expanded the story with each major update entry, such as the acclaimed Cayo Perico Heist expansion, which helps keep the overall tale fresh.

With each narrative installment, players come to meet a whole new cast of unique characters to rub elbows with. While some are met with open arms and warm welcomes from the community, players outright loathed other characters as they argue they taint the multiplayer experience. Now, looking like a parody of The Beatles’ 1970 Let It Be album, Reddit user GleysonRJ has posted an image that illustratively reinforces this notion of Grand Theft Auto Online. For the uninitiated, the listed characters are English Dave, Simeon Yetarian, Sessanta, and the GTA Online Auto Shop producer, Moodymann.

Because of the post’s relatability, it went viral and scored over 4500 upvotes, as many from the community checked in to further drag the depicted characters through the mud. Just from looking at the top replies, it’s clear that the common criticizing consensus is that these characters disrupt the flow of gameplay with their “annoying phone calls” that are even unskippable on occasions. On top of this, one user was quick to point out that English Dave, the laid back cockney introduced in the GTA Online Nightclub expansion, actually has a phone call bug that breaks some missions.

Although, one of the main reasons this post is somewhat alarming within the Grand Theft Auto Online community is that it seems to point to a decline in the quality of the narrative department. After all, Rockstar added a daunting three out of the four characters through DLC, with the sole exception being Simeon who has been knocking about Los Santos since the game debuted.

Grand Theft Auto Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions also in development.

Source: Gamerant

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