GTA 5 PS5 and Xbox Series X Next-Gen Version To Get Color-Shifting Chameleon Paint Jobs

Despite its increasing age, there’s no doubt that Grand Theft Auto 5 has left a major impression on fans, and continues to reach new players even now. With its advancing age comes the transition to a new series of gaming consoles with the upcoming GTA 5 Enhanced and Expanded Edition for Xbox Series X/S and PS5.

Although a teaser trailer for GTA 5‘s Expanded and Enhanced Edition launched several months ago, not much has been revealed about the refreshed version. Courtesy of a recent data leak, however, fans can now at least take a look at what new paint jobs their cars will be rocking in the future.


As revealed by MrBossFTW, GTA 5‘s Enhanced and Expanded Edition will gain at least 16 chameleon paint jobs. This pearlescent paint shifts colors depending upon which angle the viewer is looking at it from, plus current lighting conditions. While the next-gen GTA 5 re-release is still a few months away, it seems Rockstar Games may be testing out some of the new additions, as these paint jobs were recently added to the files in the base version of GTA 5.

The intensity of the color shifting on the next-gen GTA 5 paint jobs varies significantly. As demonstrated in the video, the Monochrome paint job, as one might expect from its name, simply shifts between brighter and darker shades of silver. However, designs like Chromatic Abberation and Temperature are much more striking in their shifts, moving through a variety of colors and shades.

The discovered paint jobs include Chrome, Monochrome, Chromatic Aberration, Night & Day, The Verlierer, Sprunk Extreme, Vice City, Sunset, Temperature, Synthwave Nights, Four Seasons, The Seven, Maisonette 9 Throwback, Bubblegum, Full Rainbow, Kamen Rider, and It’s Christmas! MrBossFTW was able to apply these color gradients as the base, secondary, or trim colors, though it remains to be seen if Rockstar Games allows for this level of flexibility, or if it’s simply a facet of the mod he’s currently using.

While some pointed out that GTA 5‘s Expanded and Enhanced Edition seems to lack certain modern day gaming features present in other driving games, like real-time mirror reflections, these new paint jobs show that the game will be taking advantage of the improved graphical capabilities of next-gen gaming systems. Of course, the PS5 and Xbox Series X line can do a lot more than color-shifting textures, so GTA 5 should be able to offer a lot of new visual improvements that are likely to be shown off in the months to come.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Expanded and Enhanced is set to release in March of 2022 for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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