Grand Theft Auto Online Player Gets Insanely Lucky Spin in Casino

A GTA Online player bypasses a regional casino ban, then scores an insanely lucky win with their first ever spin of the prize wheel.

It’s hard to imagine Grand Theft Auto Online without The Diamond Casino & Resort, with its slot machines, card tables, and daily prize wheel. Yet, for players living in certain regions, the casino is completely blocked due to local gambling laws. For one Grand Theft Auto Online player, the ban wasn’t going to stop them from spinning that enchanting prize wheel, with insanely lucky results.

Released by Rockstar Games in October 2013, Grand Theft Auto Online has been routinely updated for almost a decade. In July 2019, The Diamond Casino and Resort update was released, allowing players to play a variety of gambling games together. The main lobby also features The Lucky Prize Wheel, set across from a vehicle podium. The wheel can be spun daily, and it offers various prizes including cash and clothes. However, what players really hope for is the grand prize, which is whatever vehicle is displayed on the podium that week.


Gaming_Nation2007 posted their story to the /r/gtaonline/ community on Reddit, with a photo showing their character at the wheel following the lucky spin. After using a VPN to access GTA Online, effectively fooling the game into thinking they were in another location, they were able to access the casino. With only one spin per day, Gaming_Nation2007 hoped it would be a good one, and they weren’t disappointed. Their first ever spin of the wheel landed on the grand prize, awarding them the podium vehicle. With a measly 5% chance of winning the grand prize, the outcome is lucky indeed.

Gaming_Nation2007 described the win as beginner’s luck. However, they are less pleased about the vehicle they won. This week it is a Vapid Slamtruck, painted in pinkish hues, and covered in flame decals. Certainly, it’s not to everyone’s taste, but it is a fun rig for doing stunts.

The GTA Online casino is banned in a long list of territories including South Africa, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, China, and many more. In general, The Diamond Resort and Casino ban likely applies to anyone playing from a region that has banned online gambling. The issue is complicated by the way players can use real currency to purchase in-game money in the form of Shark Cash Cards.

Using a VPN to access regionally blocked content has become increasingly common, but players interested in trying this method should be cautious. Some countries have very strict penalties for online gambling, and there have been persistent (albeit unverified) rumors that GTA accounts have been banned for using a VPN.

Grand Theft Auto Online is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions due out later this year.

Source: Rockstar Intel

Source: Gamerant

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