Grand Theft Auto Fan Makes Their Own GTA 6 Logo and Animation

While waiting for the next game in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, one fan decides to show their take on what the logo for GTA 6 could look like.

While many fans are still enjoying tearing around Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto 5, it has almost been nine years since the release of the fifth mainline game in the franchise. Thus, a lot of players are now eagerly awaiting the release of Grand Theft Auto 6. GTA 6 has been on the gaming community’s mind since a few years following the launch of Grand Theft Auto 5. However, recently speculation on the upcoming game has grown more legitimate due to Rockstar announcing that Grand Theft Auto 6 was in development.


Following that announcement, it seemed real now that Grand Theft Auto 6 would be coming at some point. With Grand Theft Auto 5‘s recent release on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, some fans thought that Rockstar would continue to milk the old game for at least a few more years. Now, there is a future in sight for the Grand Theft Auto franchise, with fans beginning to speculate on what GTA 6 may contain.

One Grand Theft Auto fan has even decided to make their own logo for Grand Theft Auto 6. Combining a new logo with a short animation, Reddit user Ralle_Man showed off what they think could appear at the end of a Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer. The fan-made logo showed a lot of similarities with other concepts for what the title of GTA 6 will look like, featuring a neon blue and pink color on the roman numerals for 6 with a palm tree in the middle.

Both the colors and the palm tree indicate the supposed setting of Grand Theft Auto 6. Many believe that the next game in the Grand Theft Auto franchise will be focused on Vice City, the original setting of Grand Theft Auto 3. This hasn’t been confirmed, however, and other fans believe the game won’t take place in Vice City at all, leading to some criticizing Ralle_Man’s Reddit post for its use of the neon colors and palm trees.

Recently, another fan has shared their concept of what they think Grand Theft Auto 6 will look like. Instead of returning to Vice City, the game is based in Florida, a setting that the Grand Theft Auto franchise has not yet explored in any of its mainline entries. Besides the map and setting, Grand Theft Auto 6 will also give fans some impressive graphics, as one leaker has boasted about the “incredible” look of the upcoming game.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is in development.

Source: Gamerant

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