Granblue Fantasy Versus Will Be Getting Two New DLC Characters This Month

Granblue Fantasy: Versus’ roster continues to expand, with two more DLC Characters confirmed to be releasing later this month.

The anime fighting game Granblue Fantasy: Versus has been adding several characters to its roster consistently through its second wave of DLC. Each character in Granblue Fantasy: Versus‘ roster has something to offer, with their own playstyles and moves that can appeal to many different players. The mechanics are also quite diverse as well, ensuring that fans are pleased with developer Arc System Works.

Arc System Works has been quite busy lately, as the company has been supporting several different fighting games for the last couple of years. These this year’s Guilty Gear Strive and the announcement of DNF Duel, a fighting game adaptation of Dungeon Fighter Online RPG franchise. Despite the amount of games the developer is tackling, there will be two more fighters being added to Granblue Fantasy: Versus.


After the previous DLC character of Granblue Fantasy: Versus was added in July, the next two characters will be added this month. The first of them is Vira, a well-rounded close to mid-range character who can summon Luminiera to stall her opponents. She is also the childhood friend of the knightly Katalina, and she has a very clear obssession with her. This is even emphasized with a unique intro and end screen with Katalina, should Vira win the match.

The other character revealed was the the Avatar form of Belial, who was the final boss of the expanded story mode of Granblue Fantasy Versus. Much like his computer controlled incarnation, some of his moves were retained for his playable iteration. Avatar Belial also comes with a unique high risk-reward system, where the most powerful of his skills will consume his health, but all of them have short cooldown timers, making him a deadly glass cannon.

Both of these characters will arrive December 14th, where each one will come with their own RPG Mode Quests and Lobby avatars. Purchasing this bonus will also score a serial code for the orignal Granblue Fantasy mobile game, where the avatars can be dressed in a “Forbidden Alter Ego” outfit. The final announcement in this trailer showcased two new versions of Granblue Fantasy: Versus that are available to purchase. The first is the Value Edition, which is the standard game now being sold at a lower new price, and the Legendary Edition, which will come with all of the DLC characters released, including Vira and Avatar Belial. These versions of the game will also be available for download the same day Vira and Avatar Belial are added.

Granblue Fantasy Versus is available now for PC and PS4.

Source: Gamerant

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