God of War: Ragnarok Reveals Massive Suite of Accessibility Features

While 2022 has already given fans massive AAA experiences like Elden Ring, the year has also brought with it tons of game delays to highly anticipated titles. While some, like Saints Row, were simply moved to later in the year, some like Bethesda’s Starfield has been pushed entirely out and into 2023. Without much in the way of information for quite some time, many fans were worried that the same fate was likely coming to Sony Santa Monica’s God of War: Ragnarok.


First announced all the way back in September 2020, Sony has been fairly quiet on Kratos’ next adventure outside of trailer in 2021 and then a delay announcement due to the continuing impact of COVID as well as voice actor Christopher Judge’s health issues. However, many still expect the game to be Sony’s featured title for the holiday season, helping to drive sales for both the PlayStation 4 and 5. Fans finally got a new dose of information for the upcoming action title, this time focusing on the massive suite of accessibility options.

Unsurprisingly, accessibility has been a huge priority for Sony Santa Monica with God of War: Ragnarok. In a new blog post, Lead UX Designer, Mila Pavlin dove into the details of what players can expect, including the confirmation that the studio has redesigned the UI for more flexibility and readability, but completely rebuilt the controller mapping from the ground up.

For those looking to really customize their experience, God of War: Ragnarok has over 60 different accessibility settings that can be adjusted or modified. First and foremost, the PC specific features from God of War have been added into Ragnarok, including Auto Sprint, Aim Style, Block Style, as well as options to reduce motion sickness.

Captions and subtitles have been improved to allow for adjustable text size as well as text color. In game sound can also be toggled to appear as text, and speaker names can be shown or hidden as needed. Captions can also be utilized to assist in critical gameplay moments, providing information for things like puzzles and narrative understanding.

Text and Icon size are fully customizable including scaling options. Players can also enable a High Contrast Mode, allowing colors to be applied to in-game targets, characters, enemies, and more as well as desaturating the background if needed. This helps make items, loot, special effects, and characters more visible.

According to the post, this is also just the tip of the iceberg, as the final version will have plenty more for players to toggle if they need it. The focus on accessibility isn’t anything new for first party Sony games. In fact, earlier this year, Horizon: Forbidden West had a similar reveal prior to its launch in February. Players had ultimate control over Aloy’s journey, with tons of customizable settings from permanent climbing annotations, auto-healing, and tons more.

God of War: Ragnarok is in development for PS4 and PS5.

Source: PlayStation Blog

Source: Gamerant

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