God of War PC Port Gets Update

God of War on PC is now fully updated to support AMD’s latest upscaling algorithm, FSR 2.0, improving both image quality and performance.

2018’s God of War may not be an awfully new game, but its recent PC release pushed the game back into relevancy both as an advertisement for the upcoming God of War: Ragnarok and as a standalone product. The PC version was, in fact, immediately privy to some cutting-edge image reconstruction technology, such as Nvidia’s DLSS and AMD’s FSR 1.0

Update 1.0.12 for God of War expands the game’s list of upscaling options by adding AMD’s new and upgraded version of FidelityFX Super Resolution to the roster. Compared to FSR 1.0, the new version of the upscaler delivers vastly improved image quality that can go toe-to-toe with DLSS in some situations, but is available for virtually all modern GPUs.


The release of FSR 2.0 for God of War means it’s the second game on PC to showcase AMD’s new and improved image reconstruction technology. The first game with FSR 2.0 was Deathlooop, Arkane Studios’ time-bending immersive sim. By leveraging this new technology, players can expect to run God of War on an even greater array of PC hardware than they could before, as the game can now render at a lower native resolution and still get superior image quality and performance thanks to FSR 2.0’s upscaling technology.

Since AMD FSR 2.0, unlike Nvidia DLSS, needs no dedicated hardware to run its AI-fueled upscaling, this means it will work on virtually any contemporary hardware. It is especially pertinent on Valve’s new handheld gaming PC, as Steam Deck’s 40Hz refresh rate option combined with FSR 2.0 should deliver excellent battery life and performance in God of War across the board and without sacrificing image quality as a result.

Alongside support for FSR 2.0, God of War‘s patch 1.0.12 also deploys a fix for the “Toggle Aim/Block” accessibility feature. Since God of War: Ragnarok takes accessibility features seriously as well, it’s not strange that Sony would take the time to patch these options on PC when the opportunity shows.

PC fans of God of War are also privy to some other functionality that’s not technically supported in any official capacity, however. Modding is a big deal, and the majority of mods for God of War have featured character model replacers and the like. One of the more recent mods, for example, pits Kratos against Master Chief in God of War, and it’s a given that Ragnarok will be getting a similar treatment if it ever comes out on PC.

God of War is now available on PC and PS4.

Source: Steam

Source: Gamerant

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