God of War PC Players are Downloading Skip Intro Mod, But Why?

God of War’s success on PC leads to a surprising trend, as a mod disabling the PlayStation logo intro sequence becomes popular.

God of War‘s highly anticipated release on PC has been received just as well as expected. The previously PlayStation exclusive action-adventure game has topped Steam’s top-sellers list since its launch on January 14. The success of God of War on PC has coincided with another interesting trend, as PC players start picking early mods made for the game. One of the most popular God of War mods is a curious one, though perhaps unsurprising. God of War players are modding in a way to skip the game’s PlayStation intro sequence.


With just under 5,000 downloads, the “Skip PlayStation Intro Video on Startup” mod is God of War‘s second-most popular mod just over a week after launch. The description of the mod is simple, stating that it, “Skips PlayStation Video, makes the game launch faster!” which is exactly what it does. God of War features an unskippable video when players start the game featuring the PlayStation logo, a standard inclusion by publishers in most PC games. The mod skips the video, or at least blacks it out until God of War is ready to go to its main menu.

Some may question why players are so quickly modding their game to remove a relatively unobtrusive feature. The answer is, as it ever is for PC game modding, because it’s easy and they can. The PlayStation intro video is only so long, but if that can be removed just as quickly using a mod, then of course PC gamers are going to remove it.

god of war axe

It begs the question as to why PlayStation didn’t allow players a way to skip the PlayStation intro video in the first place. It’s possibly because such videos are rarely, if ever, skippable on console. The PlayStation logo and loading sound is a familiarity to PlayStation gamers regardless of the generation. It may be a new platform, but that’s no reason for PlayStation to break tradition.

As noted, the PlayStation intro skip mod is second-most popular on NexusMods. The top mod is named the “Ultimate God of War Modded Starter Save” and it’s even sillier than the skippable PlayStation intro mod. The Ultimate mod changes Kratos’ model, removing his chest and wrist armor simply “because it looks cool.”

There are already dozens of mods for God of War on PC beyond the PlayStation intro skip and the Ultimate Kratos mod. There are big graphics mods improving all aspects of the game, small adjustments tied to fog and translations support, save edits of all kind, and more. God of War may have taken several years to arrive on PC, but PC gamers have clearly been ready and waiting. As the PlayStation skip shows, they’re not going to waste any more time waiting to play the game.

God of War is available now on PC and PS4.

Source: NexusMods

Source: Gamerant

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