God of War FOV PC Mod Gives Baldur Fight Different Feel

With God of War’s recent release on PC, modders are making the experience of the game entirely different, including the first Baldur fight.

Nearly four years after its initial release, former PlayStation exclusive God of War has made its way to PC. With advanced graphic settings and optimization for computers, PC players already had a lot to look forward to in God of War. However, there is one aspect of gaming on PC that has always attracted players, and that’s the ability to make the experience of a game entirely fresh and unique through modding.

Modding has been a part of the PC gaming community for years. Games like Skyrim have managed to stay relevant, even years after their initial release, due to a consistently active and creative modding community. For some games, modding helps them reach the heights of their potential like Cyberpunk 2077, a game already known for its graphical fidelity, can look even better with modding. Now, the PC community is looking to God of War as the next game to be improved or given a different feel through modding.


One rather simple mod has managed to give the scripted moments in God of War’s story an entirely different feel. The mod, which is shown in a YouTube video, allows player to increase the field of view within the game, allowing players to see more of the surrounding area, as the camera distances itself from Kratos’ shoulder. In the video, the modder showcases how a simple change to field of view can give the game an entirely different feel. The famous fight with Baldur becomes different, and though some commenters believed the cinematic feel of the fight was left out, there were others praising the mod for allowing players to more easily see behind Kratos’ back.

Granting a wider field of view may not be for everyone, though it does allow for those who want a different feel to cinematic moments and fights. Commenters on the video praised the ability to see greater detail in their surroundings without having to look around and risk getting attacked from behind. Though the Baldur fight was given a different feel by this mod, many were asking for other situations in God of War to be displayed, such as a fight with multiple enemies. Modding the field of view is but one of many changes modders are bringing to God of War’s PC port, and the game’s creators are even encouraging modders. God of War director Cory Balrog stated that he supports modding the game on PC.

With the first God of War making the leap to PC, and as Ragnarok is likely arriving later this year, many are wondering whether the sequel game will also be making the jump to mouse and keyboard. Game director Cory Barlog has stated at the minute, he has no idea on the possibility of a PC port for God of War: Ragnarok.

God of War is now available on PC and PS4.

Source: Gamerant

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