God of War Fan Shares Epic Concept for Horizon Forbidden West Crossover

A God of War fan creates an impressive render for a crossover with Horizon Forbidden West showing Aloy with the Leviathan Axe.

God of War is one of PlayStation’s most iconic franchises thanks in part to Kratos, the once constantly-angry, and more recently stoic series protagonist. One fan imagines if another character took the God of War spotlight, it being none other Aloy from the upcoming Horizon Forbidden West.

The God of War series has attained a level of popularity and impact that it hasn’t seen in the 20 years it has been around. While players raved about its original release in 2018, the recent God of War PC port has enabled a whole new sect of gamers to experience the game, and become fans of the series. Despite its popularity though, there are only a handful of official references and crossovers between God of War and PlayStation’s other franchises. One such example is the pretty elaborate and touching God of War Easter egg in Ghost of Tsushima‘s Iki Island expansion that all players should see for themselves.


Reddit user TurfMerkin has created an incredible mockup of what a potential God of War and Horizon Forbidden West mockup could look like. In their post to the God of War subreddit, TurfMerkin shows off a render of a shadowy (and slightly bloody) Aloy garbed in Kratos’ attire from God of War, including his beefy shoulder pauldron and arm wraps. To top it off, she is shown confidently holding Kratos’ signature Leviathan Axe, the multipurpose and highly useful weapon introduced in God of War. It did not take long for fans to come up with a name for this character incarnation, dubbing them as “Kraloy.”

While a crossover like this wouldn’t really make sense in God of War, it could definitely happen in Horizon Forbidden West. The outfit system in Horizon Forbidden West has been expanded upon since its introduction in Horizon Zero Dawn, with Aloy gaining certain skills while wearing particular outfits as opposed to simply providing passive affects. In the same way that Ghost of Tsushima featured Kratos inspired samurai armor, Aloy could easily have an outfit based on Kratos like the one TurfMerkin rendered—bonus if it modified the appearance of Aloy’s spear to the Leviathan Axe too.

That isn’t to say that Horizon couldn’t somehow still cross over into God of War though. TurfMerkin jokes in the comment section that their next render will be of Kratos wearing Aloy’s clothes which (while probably looking a little silly) would make more sense than Kratos being entirely swapped for Aloy as originally presented.

God of War features an intricate armor system itself so reasonably, there could be a DLC Shield-Weaver armor set or some other recognizable outfit that Kratos could wear. It would be pretty awesome to see the litany of magical attacks swarming Kratos simply bouncing off the Shield-Weaver’s force field.

God of War is available on PS4 and PC.

Source: Gamerant

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