God of War Fan Art Imagines Old Man Kratos

A truly unique piece of God of War fan art imagines what the Ghost of Sparta could look like if he ever gets the chance to grow old.

The God of War fan base, like many other gaming communities, includes some incredibly talented artists. However, though there has been plenty of neat God of War fan art shared over the years, one new piece provides a look at Kratos that differs from all the others.

Fans have seen the Ghost of Sparta from many angles over the years. Players have seen him grow older, adopting new facial hair and a different clothing style to better fit the Norse world. Some unused concept art highlighting skinny Kratos has also made the rounds, giving fans a behind the scenes look at a version of the character that could have appeared. Now, a fan of the franchise has given the character another makeover, showing how he could look if he was given the opportunity to reach old age.


In the Kratos fan art, which was posted by Reddit user Buffybumcheeks, the character is noticeably leaner. Likely a result of the aging process, Kratos has slimmed down significantly, though he is still in excellent shape for an old man. His beard has completely grayed, and he now boasts some tattoos on his arm and the side of his head. His armor is black with some silver and gold accents, making for a regal look that many would surely love to use in-game. Plenty of different textures can be seen on the armor, too.

One of the best touches of this fan art is the use of Kratos’ iconic weaponry. Chains can be seen wrapped around his arms, with the Blades of Chaos embedded in the ground behind the Spartan. On his back, the iconic Leviathan Axe can be seen, a weapon that helped make God of War 2018 the successful game that it is. However, the best detail of all sees Kratos wielding Mjolnir, with the artist implying that he still uses Thor’s weapon long after defeating the god.

It will be interesting to see if Kratos can ever actually get old, as he may not have the chance to do so if the mural from God of War’s ending is to be believed. Many believe this image shows Kratos dying, with the torch possibly being passed to Atreus so that he can lead future games. However, fans have no way of knowing for sure until they experience God of War: Ragnarok, so there is always a possibility that the mural could be hinting at something else and Kratos could live to fight another day. Regardless, this artwork provides an interesting take on what Kratos could look like if he was an old man.

While many were quick to compare the artwork to actor JK Simmons, there was plenty of praise for the mock-up as well. With over 1,400 upvotes, God of War fans clearly appreciated the fan’s design.

God of War is available now on PC and PS4.

Source: Gamerant

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