Gloomhaven Video Game is Coming to Consoles

Asmodee Digital announces that Gloomhaven, the incredibly popular board game-turned-video game, will be coming to consoles next year.

Gloomhaven‘s launch in 2017 shook the board game scene. The massive dungeon-crawler for up to four players was massively popular and remains one of the best board games ever made based on aggregate reviews. Gloomhaven‘s success immediately provoked a demand for a video game adaptation to be made, which Asmodee Digital and Flaming Fowl Studios delivered in late 2021. Now, Asmodee Digital is taking the next step with Gloomhaven, bringing the strategy game to consoles in 2023.


The initial release for Gloomhaven was PC-only, which allowed Flaming Fowl Studios to run a lengthy Steam Early Access program. Early Access let the developers take their time and gather feedback throughout the development process. The result is that Gloomhaven is now fully available and has received “Very Positive” reviews on Steam. Further, Flaming Fowl has already issued the substantial Jaws of the Lion DLC for Gloomhaven. It’s currently in a great state and is ready to reach a new audience.

Details regarding Gloomhaven‘s newly announced console release are thin, for the moment. A short trailer focusing on Gloomhaven‘s critical accolades ended with a brief message confirming the 2023 console release and nothing more. That means that no supported platforms have been announced yet. It’s unclear if Gloomhaven will be a next-gen-only release, if it’ll support the Nintendo Switch, or if Asmodee Digital is targeting all currently-used platforms. Time will tell.

While details regarding Gloomhaven‘s console port are thin, it’s easy to see how it will port well to a controller-based platform. Gloomhaven features turn-based combat and players have very straightforward choices regarding their combat options. It’s simple but incredibly tactical, which allows Gloomhaven to be challenging at times while still allowing controllers to handle a diverse range of gameplay mechanics.

It’s nevertheless going to be somewhat disappointing to console gamers that Gloomhaven‘s ports won’t be arriving until 2023. That could mean console users will be waiting a year or more to finally try Gloomhaven with their friends. Still, it’s important to keep in mind that Gloomhaven was developed by a small but growing development team, and these things take time.

Console gamers unwilling to wait for Gloomhaven always have the option of picking up the original board game, of course. Gloomhaven is widely available to purchase. Alternatively, Gloomhaven‘s sequel Frosthaven is tentatively expected to release later this year. There’s always the possibility that Gloomhaven on PC will receive more DLC, too. For those looking for a cooperative dungeon crawling game to play with friends, Gloomhaven is worth a look.

Gloomhaven is available now on PC.

Source: Gamerant

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