Gladd Beats Destiny’s Crota Raid Wearing Beer Goggles

Destiny 2 streamer Gladd goes back to Destiny’s Crota’s End Raid to complete it solo while wearing vision-impairing goggles.

Destiny 2 is currently one of the most prominent looter shooters on the market, and it comes with yearly expansions that include a new Raid to challenge players with difficult content. Raids have always been one of the pinnacle experiences in the franchise, with Destiny 2‘s Deep Stone Crypt being one of the best players have ever seen, but the stepping stone to that experience was what came in the first game, Destiny. Many fans have fondness for the raids in Destiny, such as the recently reprised Vault of Glass in Destiny 2, which incidentally was the first Raid to ever be released for the series.


The second Raid that Destiny got was Crota’s End, a Hive-themed activity where players were in charge of venturing into the Hellmouth on the Moon and defeating Crota, son of Oryx. While this wasn’t one of the game’s most challenging Raids, it did offer unique encounters that players had to master before even trying to complete it, let alone try to solo it. Still, soloing Crota’s End became a real challenge that many were willing to undertake and still do to this day.

Destiny 2 streamer and content creator Gladd decided to try and solo Crota’s End in the first installment of the series, but with an extra difficulty layer: beer goggles. Beer goggles alter the perception of the person wearing them to simulate alcohol intoxication, distorting what the person sees as well as the way space is perceived. As such, the experience of soloing a Destiny Raid immediately becomes much more challenging, and it can be especially hard on the sense in the case of Crota’s End, with all the very dark areas and blinding lights it features.

Some encounters can be particularly troublesome in this condition, such as crossing the bridge to reach Crota, and the process can take a lot of time as well as trial and error. Still, Gladd managed to complete Crota’s End and have better orientation following the sound cues provided in the final encounter.

Gladd is known to take on extremely hard challenges in Destiny 2 as well, such as completing all the game’s Raids solo back to back without dying. Raids are often the perfect place for home-made challenges players come up with, such as defeating all Destiny 2 Raid bosses with seven Throwing Hammers total, as fellow content creator Vendetta proved to be possible.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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