Geoff Keighley Advertises Summer Game Fest 2022 After E3 Cancelation

Since the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic, video game conventions and events have been thrown off the railings. Online events have largely replaced In-person events, and while some conventions have attempted to go back in-person, the new omicron variant has caused others to reconsider. Thursday, for example, saw the announcement that E3 2022 would be going fully online. This was followed by a reminder from Geoff Keighley that Summer Game Fest would be returning this year, as well.


There’s perhaps no better example of the turmoil surrounding pre and post-COVID-19 conventions than the relationship between E3 and Summer Game Fest. Geoff Keighley was once a major part of E3, producing the convention’s E3 Coliseum shows. In early 2020, before the pandemic broke out, Keighley ended his partnership with E3, stating he was no longer “comfortable” being a part of the event. This is presumed to be due to E3’s effort to open the event up to influencers and the general public. But Keighley also wanted an online focus E3 didn’t.

Less than a month later, everything changed with the pandemic’s widespread recognition and lockdowns in March 2020. For E3, it was a disaster, as the convention had to cancel all of its in-person plans, influencers, and all. For Keighley, it was a huge opportunity. He started Summer Game Fest, a four-month festival built around smaller events run by individual publishers, developers, and groups. In 2021, Summer Game Fest condensed into June, but featured a formal kick-off event and bigger partner showcases and reveals.

It’s now 2022, and Keighley has confirmed the return of the Summer Game Fest, with expectations for the event higher than ever. Keighley is confident and excited about this year’s event, but there’s also an apparent remaining bitterness toward E3 and the ESA. Summer Game Fest 2022 was officially announced in early December, but Keighley took to Twitter just an hour after E3 2022 confirmed it would be online-only to remind fans his event would be returning as well.

The officially stated reason for E3 2022 to go online is due to the COVID-19 pandemic surging again. But there are reports that the ESA canceled its LA Convention Center contract months ago for entirely different reasons. Keighley is, perhaps, not so subtly pointing out he knew that E3 would struggle years ago.

Regardless of the infighting between E3 and the Summer Game Fest, video game fans across the world will benefit from both events competing to put on an exciting show. Summer Game Fest returns this summer. E3 2022 doesn’t have a date yet, but would be expected in June. Stay tuned for more information in the months to come.

Source: Gamerant

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