Genshin Impact Version 4.6 Leak Reveals Fontaine Map Expansion


  • Fontaine, one of the seven regions in Genshin Impact, is expanding into a new location called Kapim, which is expected to arrive in version 4.6.
  • Fontaine is a popular region in the game due to its unique underwater sections and French-inspired setting.
  • The upcoming Chenyu Vale expansion in version 4.4 will offer players more fresh content in Liyue, including a special reward system and the possibility of Lion Boy as a playable character.

A recent Genshin Impact leak has revealed that the Fontaine map will expand into another location called Kapim. Fontaine is one of the seven regions of Teyvat that plays host to a roster of characters, such as Lyney, Lynette, Freminet, Wriothesley, and Furina. It sets itself apart from other regions with its underwater sections, where players go up against Fontaine-based creatures, hunt down treasures, and solve puzzles. The good news is that Genshin Impact players don’t have to finish Sumeru’s story to visit Fontaine.

Ever since it was introduced in version 4.0, Fontaine has become a fan-favorite region thanks to its sheer size and unique setting. About 50% of the map is underwater, allowing players to explore a brand-new world filled with hostile mobs. One of the main activities in Fontaine is strolling through the capital city, where inhabitants live in peace and run their retail stores. Players can interact with some of these NPCs to learn more about their story. Surrounded by a massive ocean, the Fontaine region imbibes heavy influences from French cities.

A new Genshin Impact leak from Videre suggested that Fontaine will expand into the Kapim region in version 4.6, which is expected to arrive in early 2024. There isn’t any concrete information about Kapim, but it’s being said that players will get access to the ruins of Remuria featured in the Fontaine book series. Some also speculate that this is another underground section filled with golem enemies. The concept art for Kapim shows that it looks very similar to Sumeru’s Enkanomiya region, featuring massive archipelagos, ruins, and plants.

One thing to note is that the concept art features a character in a swimming position, which hints that Kapim will be an underwater section. Genshin Impact players can expect Kapim to bring a ton of content, including mobs, bosses, and puzzles. Even though these details come from a reliable leaker, players should take them with a grain of salt until the release of version 4.6.

Aside from Fontaine, Liyue will get a significant expansion in version 4.4 to fill out the entire gap and provide players with more fresh content. The upcoming region is called Chenyu Vale, which reportedly has many natural beauties including rivers, mountains, and waterfalls. It’s described as having a special reward system that allows players to earn items in exchange for “Blue Carps.” Also, some highly credited leakers claimed that Lion Boy would appear in Chenyu Vale as a playable character.

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