Genshin Impact Player Creates New Scythe Weapon Type

A Genshin Impact player shares three interesting fan-made concepts for a new type of weapon that a majority of players want for a very long time.

Weapons are a big part of Genshin Impact as they have the greatest impact on a character’s damage output along with artifacts. There are five weapon types at the moment and each character can wield only one of them.

Each Genshin Impact limited banner that arrives has a weapon banner that usually includes one five-star and five four-star items. Each weapon in the game has its unique story which often inspires players to create their own concepts.


A post on the official Genshin Impact subreddit reveals an interesting concept for a new type of weapon. Redditor MilkArt has shared his design for three different scythes – Rumbling Calamity, Primordial Jade Moon Blade and Scythe of Yama. The inspiration for all three designs have been taken from the existing weapon series. Rumbling Calamity would fit in the Inazuma Series and Primordial Jade Moon Blade belongs to the Primordial Jade weapons. However, while Scythe of Yama does not fit any specific weapon series, it’s safe to say that it was based on the popular Genshin Impact polearm Staff of Homa.

Many in the community were impressed by the design and the thread gathered over 5.5k upvotes. While most fans are eagerly awaiting a new type of Genshin Impact weapon, a lot of them think that HoYoverse won’t be introducing a new type of weapon anytime soon. However, multiple replies in the comment section claim that the game could introduce a scythe as part of a character’s kit, similar to Childe’s daggers that can be equipped once he activates his elemental skill.

There have already been a few rumors claiming that a new type of weapon will arrive to the game. Crossbows have been mentioned by a number of credible leakers but the fact that there are still no official information on this matter means that players won’t be getting a new weapon anytime soon. Making such a significant change would surely have a significant impact on the current Genshin Impact character and weapon meta.

One of the reasons why there won’t be a new weapon type is the fact that, according to multiple insiders, the upcoming updates could introduce a huge change to the game’s combat system by introducing a brand-new element. Out of the seven different elements, Dendro is the only one that cannot be used by any playable character at the moment. The new element will apparently arrive with the new major update alongside the new Genshin Impact region – Sumeru.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile devices. A Switch version is currently in development with no confirmed release date.

Source: Reddit

Source: Gamerant

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