Genshin Impact Player Creates Impressive Pity System Concept

A Genshin Impact player shares an impressively detailed concept that would make it easier to get specific five-stars from the game’s Pity System.

One of the major appeals of Genshin Impact is its extensive cast of colorful characters, many of whom are deeply tied to the game’s story. Although some of these characters are distributed for free in story events or limited events, others can only be unlocked by making wishes through the game’s gacha system. However, even if a player manages to pull a rare five-star character, there’s no guarantee that it will be the five-star character they were looking for. One fan is sharing a concept for an altered Pity System that could help Genshin Impact players get the five-star characters of their dreams.


The Genshin Impact Pity System allows the game to take pity on players who’ve made a certain amount of wishes already. This is a common feature in gacha games, as it functionally rewards players who’ve spent more money on the gacha – or those who’ve somehow saved up an incredible amount of primogems. However, some fans believe the system could use a few more tweaks.

Redditor ZaegarBrightflame shared a screenshot of a Pity System concept for the Genshin Impact Standard Banner dubbed the “Wanderer Path.” According to the description, the Wanderer Path would allow players to select one of several five-star characters as a goal when summoning. After charting a course toward that specific character, players would gain one Fate Point every time they pulled a different five-star character. Upon reaching five Fate Points, it would be guaranteed that the next five-star character the player pulled would be their target character, after which their Fate Point total would reset.

ZaegarBrightflame went on to elaborate that the Wanderer Path would feature two different options for course selection, one focused on character and one focused on Genshin Impact weapons. Players would be able to pick between them, but only one could be active at a given time. This would give players a chance to get their ideal five-star weapons as well as five-star characters.

As of writing, it appears that other fans are interested in the idea of the Wanderer Path or another Pity System tweak being added to Genshin Impact. Several players noted that many other gacha games already incorporate a similar mechanic, though some shared doubts about miHoYo being willing to improve things for free players. Many players stated that they would love to see the Wanderer Path added to the game, especially those who are looking for one specific character like Mona or Diluc.

Genshin Impact is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5, and later on Switch.

Source: Gamerant

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