Genshin Impact Leak Hints at Furina’s Local Specialty Item

New Genshin Impact leaks are teasing Furina’s local specialty, giving players an idea of where to farm resources for the highly-anticipated character.


  • Genshin Impact’s Version 4.2 update will introduce Furina, a highly-anticipated character in the Fontaine region, and a new map expansion to the east with a second harbor.
  • Leaks have revealed the spawn locations for Furina’s local specialty flower, mostly found in the mountains surrounding the Opera Epiclese. Completing a quest will grant access to more flowers.
  • Furina’s gameplay mechanics include an HP-draining ability and Hydro mimics to aid in battle, and she is expected to debut on the first banner of Version 4.2 alongside another new character, Charlotte.

A recent Genshin Impact leak is teasing the locations where players can find Furina’s local specialty item, expected to be added to the game during the Version 4.2 update. Furina’s upcoming debut in Genshin Impact‘s next update has been one of the most highly-anticipated character launches throughout the Fontaine region. As the Hydro Archon, Furina plays a major role in the story of Fontaine, quickly becoming a fan-favorite for her boisterous and brash attitude. Now, fans looking to farm for Furina’s materials are getting a bit of early help from leaks.

Furina’s addition to Genshin Impact during Version 4.2 will reportedly be accompanied by the second major map addition to the RPG’s newest region. The newest addition to Genshin Impact is heavily rumored to expand the region to the east beyond the mountains of the Belleau Region. The new area is expected to feature the newest town within Fontaine, adding the region’s second harbor to its eastern portion. The map expansion will bring new resources for players to farm in the game’s world, including the local specialties needed to level Furina.

A new leak shared via Genshin Impact leakers Fy1995 Leaks and Tao reveals the spawn locations for Furina’s local specialty in Genshin Impact. The image suggests that Furina’s local specialty flower will mostly grow in the mountains surrounding the Opera Epiclese, with 51 flowers available before starting any quests. Completing the “Weeping Willow of the Lake” quest will also grant players access to 20 more of the mysterious flower. For Genshin Impact players already farming resources within Fontaine, a limited shop will allow players to exchange Tidalgas for up to 15 of the new flower.

Furina’s leaks have shown off several unique mechanics at play within the Hydro Archon’s kit. Early reveals of Furina’s gameplay have suggested she will utilize a unique HP-draining mechanic, sapping her allies’ HP in order to empower her own attacks. Furina’s Elemental Skill in Genshin Impact also spawns Hydro mimics to aid her in battle, attacking and applying Hydro damage to enemies. Furina is expected to debut on the first banner of Version 4.2 when the update launches on November 8.

Furina will not be the only new character joining Genshin Impact during the game’s Version 4.2 update with a four-star character also planned for the RPG’s next patch. The Version 4.2 update will see the launch of Genshin Impact‘s newest four-star unit in Charlotte, the first Fontaine character to be revealed in-game. Leaks have teased Charlotte as a Cryo healer within Genshin Impact, using her Kamera to both deal AoE Cryo damage and restore allies’ HP. Furina and Charlotte’s debut in Genshin Impact should look to see plenty of success for HoYoverse.

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