Genshin Impact Glitch Makes Lumine Slide Away from Katheryne

One Genshin Impact fan shares a hilarious glitch featuring the new Hydro user Yelan, the popular receptionist Katheryne and the main character Lumine.

Genshin Impact features a number of iconic NPCs, from limited event characters like Liben to Easter egg enemies such as the Unusual Hilichurl Wei. One of the most recognizable characters outside the playable roster is certainly the receptionist named Katheryne.

A Genshin Impact fan shared an interesting video showing a hilarious glitch featuring Teyvat’s favorite receptionist. Due to the vast world of Teyvat, it does not come surpise that glitches have become a very common occurrence in the game.


Redditor nahkahodari has shared a funny video showing a glitch that includes three popular characters – Katheryne, Yelan and Lumine. Katheryne is the Adventurer’s Guild receptionist, and she can be found at the guild’s headquarters in each major regions in Genshin Impact. After Yelan started talking to Katheryne, the screen swapped to the main character Lumine which triggered a glitch that made her slide behind Katheryne’s booth.

The hilarious glitch was well-received in the community as the post gathered over 4k upvotes. Multiple replies in the comment section claim that Lumine could be tired from all the quests assigned from Katheryne, and she simply took the day off. Talking to this NPC allows players to collect various rewards for the Genshin Impact Daily Commissions which include precious Primogems. Talking to the Adventurer’s Guild also allows players to send their characters on expeditions and receive various ascension materials as well as Mora as rewards.

A couple of replies in the comment section claim that it’s unusual to see players not using Yelan’s elemental skill for faster running whenever it’s off cooldown. Her skill, Lingering Lifeline, allows her to engage into swift movement during which her resistance to interruption is significantly increased. Player who want to acquire this unique Genshin Impact Hydro bow user should try to do it as soon as possible considering that her banner, Discerner of Enigmas, is scheduled to expire on June 21.

Players can find the same Adventurer’s Guild receptionist in three different major regions. Recent Genshin Impact leaks have revealed she might receive another booth as the upcoming updates could introduce a new major region by the name Sumeru. The arrival of a new region has caused a lot of hype in the community, probably because it will introduce the long-awaited Dendro element. Leaks have already revealed more information about the two new Genshin Impact elemental reactions that will be introduced alongside the new element.

Genshin Impact is now available on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

Source: Gamerant

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