Genshin Impact Fans Are Unhappy With Inazuma’s Four-star Characters

A Genshin Impact fan starts an interesting discussion about Inazuma’s four-star characters being much weaker compared to the two other major regions.

Genshin Impact‘s gacha-based system has put the playable roster into the main spotlight since it’s the game’s main source of revenue. In terms of rarity, characters can be divided into two main groups: five-star and four-star characters.

Each Genshin Impact update has two different banner cycles that feature one or two five-star and three different four-star characters. Four-star units are much easier to acquire as they have a significantly higher drop rate compared to five-stars.


Reddit user OceloteOcelot has started an interesting discussion about the current state of four-star characters from Inazuma. The thread claims that all the four-star units from this region are significantly weaker than the ones that came from Mondstadt and Liyue. For example, the first character players face when they enter this region is Thoma, and while many players thought that he would be one of the strongest four-stars in the game, he turned out to be just another shield provider. His greatest strength lies in the ability to enable two strong elemental reactions — Melt and Vaporize.

Another character mentioned in the thread is Gorou, who is part of the current limited banner Oni’s Royale. Even though he’s considered a strong support character, Gorou is also very situational as he is dependent on having multiple Geo characters in his party. The effects of his elemental skill, Inuzaka All-Round Defense, are based on the number of Geo in his team composition. Gorou’s damage potential falls off heavily if he’s not paired with the Geo claymore user Arataki Itto.

Multiple replies in the comment section claim that from the beginning, developer HoYoverse most likely intended to make four-stars as strong as the Inazuma characters. However, numerous four-star characters like Bennett, Fischl, and Chungyun turned out to be much stronger than expected. The fan-favorite Pyro user Bennett is by many considered to be a better pick than some of the game’s five-star characters.

Another reason why the latest additions to the roster seem so niche is probably because, at the earlier stages of the game, there were fewer playable units, which means that many characters needed to be generalized and fit into multiple roles within a team composition. Even the four-star DPS characters, Razor and Ningguang, were considered S-tier picks for a very long time. Numerous fans claim that there is hope that HoYoverse could introduce stronger four-star characters with the addition of the Sumeru region in the upcoming update 3.0.

Genshin Impact is now available on mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Nintendo Switch version is currently being developed with no confirmed release date.

Source: Gamerant

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