Genshin Impact Confirms New Character With Game Awards Trailer

At the 2021 Game Awards, developer miHoYo debuted a new Genshin Impact gameplay trailer. The trailer featured several newer characters in action: Gorou, Arataki Itto, Naganohara Yoimiya, and Sanganomiya Kokomi. The majority of the trailer featured gameplay of Gorou and Itto, who will both the Genshin Impact roster with the 2.3 update around December 15.

The trailer seems to reveal two major things, the first being a new boss. The four characters, particularly Gorou and Itto, are seen engaged in battle with an unfamiliar boss-type enemy. It’s a flying serpent with a wolf-like head, and it’s black and gold coloring heavily suggests this will be a Geo-type boss. That would also explain why two Genshin Impact Geo characters were used to take it down. If this new boss is in fact a Geo enemy, it will be the third Geo boss in the game alongside the Geo Hypostasis and Primo Geovishap.


The second announcement in the trailer is one that fans are already excited for. The trailer is only one minute and 39 seconds long, and the last 19 seconds hold a special teaser. It shows nothing more than a young woman with dark hard and red makeup slowly turn toward the camera. The title of the video, “Genshin Impact – Yun Jin Gameplay Reveal Trailer” reveals her name, though the title is misleading as no Yun Jin gameplay is actually displayed.

While this announcement is big, it’s not miHoYo’s first display of the upcoming character Yun Jin. Her official character art was shared on Genshin Impact‘s official Instagram account originally on November 22. This post revealed some backstory and personality as well as Yun Jin’s vision type and appearance. The Instagram announcement of Yun Jin was accompanied by that of new Cryo character Shenhe, but Shenhe did not appear in the Genshin Impact Game Awards trailer.

Yun Jin, AKA Stage Lucida, is a Geo character who wields a polearm. She’s a Liyue Harbor resident and director of the Yun-Han Opera Troupe, making her an influential individual in Liyue. She seems to have musical and vocal talent, leading some fans to wonder if her gameplay will be similar to Barbara’s, who also sings.

MiHoYo has had a recent habit of creating characters with Geo visions as Gorou and Arataki Itto are both Geo and the two most recent additions to the character roster. Yun Jin will be the seventh Geo vision holder to join the game, officially making Geo more common than both Anemo and Hydro. She’ll also be the seventh polearm wielder, and fans are eager to see how her gameplay compares to Zhongli, who also wields a polearm and Geo power.

Yun Jin is anticipated to join Genshin Impact with update 2.4.

Genshin Impact is now available on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

Source: Gamerant

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