Genshin Impact 2.5 Beta Leak Reveals New Enemies

Recent Genshin Impact leaks reveal the in-game model for a new type of enemy which should arrive in the upcoming update 2.5.

Genshin Impact has become of the most popular titles in the gaming industry with a player base that keeps growing each day. Each new update brings loads of content such as new playable characters, enemies, and regions.

The arrival of a new character is probably one of the most anticipated things a casual Genshin Impact player is looking forward to, especially in the latter stages of the game. However, adding new enemies can be just as exciting, and it seems like miHoYo could be introducing a couple of those in the upcoming updates.


Each Genshin Impact update has its beta phase which usually includes most of the upcoming content. The beta usually begins once a new update drops meaning that the Genshin Impact 2.5 beta likely arrived at the same time Version 2.4 joined the live servers. A recent post on the Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit has revealed another type of enemy that will arrive in the upcoming update 2.5.

The new enemy type will apparently have its own category similar to the Fatui or the Treasure Hoarders who usually appear in a group of three or more. As per usual, the three units will have weapons applying three different elements – Pyro, Cryo, and Hydro. Players are absolutely in love with the new design claiming that it’s very reminiscent of the popular Dark Souls franchise. The unique appearance makes many fans wonder why miHoYo hasn’t decided to implement a similar design approach to a playable character.

Adding new enemies is usually welcomed by the community, though most of the community agrees that the new Rifthound enemies are probably one of the worst additions miHoYo has ever made to the game. They are especially hard to beat with melee characters, and it should be noted that only bow and catalyst users are ranged. Their constant jumping makes it almost impossible for players to land their damage burst. On top of that, they have a massive health pool and are impossible to group up, even with strong supports.

A post by another leaker has revealed the model for a new Boss domain. Apparently, players will finally have the option to fight Raiden Shogun who has been one of the main characters through the whole Inazuma arc. The original leaker has received a huge fine by miHoYo as one of his leaks contained his UID which allowed his account to be tracked down.

Genshin Impact is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5, and a Nintendo Switch version is in development.

Source: Gamerant

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