Genshin Impact 2.4: Lantern Rite Event Details Revealed

Recent Genshin Impact leaks reveal additional information about the upcoming Lantern Rite event which will arrive in update 2.4.

The official Genshin Impact social media accounts have announced two brand new characters, the long-awaited polearm users Yun Jin and Shenhe, who will be part of the 2.4 update. Apart from the characters, the addition of a new region is probably the most exciting thing players are looking forward to.

Previous Genshin Impact updates have introduced the famous islands of Inazuma, and fans were expecting a small content drought for at least a couple of updates. However, it seems as though developer miHoYo has no plans to slow down, and fans can expect a brand new region called Enkanomiya alongside the upcoming two new Genshin Impact characters.


Every Genshin Impact update brings at least two sets of events, one for each of the two banners. A credible Genshin Impact leaker has revealed additional information about the Lantern Rite event which will arrive in the upcoming 2.4 update. According to the leak, the Lantern Rite event will have the following themes:

  • Smelting fireworks
  • New Boss domain with a three-head hydra
  • Waverider minigames in Guyun Stone Forest
  • Wondrous Shadows – minigame similar to Shadowmatic

Genshin Impact updates usually bring new events, characters, and enemies. Even though playable characters are usually the focal point of each update, adding new enemies has proven to be just as exciting, especially if they have a special personality like the Azhdaha weekly boss. A recent post by a credible Genshin Impact leaker has apparently revealed the model for a new boss enemy, and it’s a familiar face.

The Oceanic Defender, also known as Osial, has brought one of the biggest boss fights so far. The monster was defeated by the Liyue squad after Tartaglia broke the legendary seal. There wasn’t much information about Osial for many updates after it got crushed by the Jade Chamber, and it seems like miHoYo decided to bring back the beast. It will most likely be a part of the new Genshin Impact region Enkanomiya.

It’s pretty much confirmed that Shenhe and Yun Jin will arrive on the same banner but when it comes to the second part of update 2.4, there still isn’t any official information about what it might bring. However, numerous leaks have been hinting that it will most likely include a second double banner re-run just like its predecessor. Multiple rumors have been hinting that the upcoming double banner might bring two popular Liyue characters Ganyu and Xiao. Going by miHoYo’s usual update schedule of releasing new updates approximately every six weeks, Genshin Impact update 2.4 should arrive around January 5, 2022.

Genshin Impact is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, and a Nintendo Switch version in development.

Source: Gamerant

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