GeForce NOW Brings Fortnite Back to iOS Devices

Next week Nvidia will start limited-time beta testing of Fortnite to the iOS Safari browser via its cloud-based streaming app GeForce NOW.

Sixteen months ago Apple pulled Fortnite from the iOS App Store after Epic Games added a direct payment option inside the game itself, which was a big no-no as far as Apple was concerned. The two tech behemoths then engaged in an ugly antitrust battle that left both parties unhappy with court rulings.

While Epic is in the process of appealing, it still leaves Fortnite locked out of Apple’s App Store, and players who had it installed on their iPhones haven’t been able to receive updates. But that long drought might be coming to an end, even if it is in a roundabout way.


In today’s latest “GFN Thursday” blog post, Nvidia announced that starting next week a limited-time closed beta for Fortnite will be available via iOS Safari and the Nvidia GeForce NOW Android app. Basically, Epic is using Nvidia’s cloud-based app to stream its game through the iOS’ Safari browser instead of the game being installed directly on the phone.

The beta is now open for registration to all GeForce NOW members, who will be admitted in batches over the course of the coming weeks. It will not only be testing server capacity and graphics performance delivery but also brand new touch controls performance.

That’s right, Nvidia and Epic Games have been working on a touch-friendly version of Fortnite. Nvidia still advises that the best way to play PC games in the GeForce NOW library is with a gamepad, but for obvious marketing reasons want to give players every possible option in which to play the incredibly popular shooter.

Fortnite iOS Android Closed Beta

Eager fans who are currently not existing members can register for a GeForce NOW membership and then sign up to become eligible for the closed beta once it starts rolling out next week. While the beta is invite-only, it’s completely free and works on all tiers of GeForce NOW.

And it sounds like Fortnite is just the first game to get the touch-friendly, cloud-to-mobile treatment. Nvidia also revealed that it’s already been working with other publishers to convert more PC games and game engines (i.e., Unreal Engine 4) that support Windows touch to this new gaming model.

All of this comes at the perfect time for gamers on the go who weren’t able to pick up the Boba Fett skin from the Item Shop.

Fortnite is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

Source: Nvidia GFN Thursday blog

Source: Gamerant

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