GameStop Will Have Xbox Series X Bundles Tomorrow

GameStop tweets out an announcement that the chain’s physical locations will restock on Xbox Series X console bundles tomorrow, January 20.

Major console manufacturers have had real trouble keeping their top-of-the-line consoles in stock. While it is nowhere near as hard as it was to get a new console this time last year, it often still requires a bit of legwork to get a new Xbox Series X.

Fortunately, Xbox fans are about to have another chance to snag the latest hardware and some new games to boot. Earlier this evening, GameStop announced that its stores will be restocking Xbox Series X bundles tomorrow, January 20.


GameStop announced the upcoming availability in a tweet this evening at 5:30 PM EST. Note that the tweet says the consoles will be available from “select stores,” so it may be worth calling ahead now to see which locations are on the list. GameStop encourages customers to arrive early if they want to snag a new Xbox for themselves, which may be good advice given the Series X’s tendency to fly off the shelves at a moment’s notice. Unfortunately, the tweet doesn’t say anything about online restocking, so Xbox fans may have to show up in person to grab the console bundles.

GameStop didn’t specify what bundles the chain is making available. However, the restock might include two of the bundles listed on the company’s website, which are the Series X Halo Infinite bundle for $550 and the Xbox All Access bundle for $840, which can be paid over 24 months. The Halo Infinite bundle includes both the game and the limited-edition Halo 20th Anniversary Series X console. The Xbox All Access bundle consists of the console and 24 months of Game Pass Ultimate. The GameStop website also lists the unbundled Xbox Series X console for $500.

Microsoft has struggled to keep up with demand ever since the Xbox Series X launched in November 2020. The reasons for these shortages are abundant, with the biggest being COVID-19 related supply chain disruptions. Scalpers were also quick to capitalize on and exacerbate the problem by buying new Xbox and PlayStation consoles in bulk and reselling them at an extreme markup. The situation was likely not helped by the global graphics card shortage, which was at least partially due to people buying GPUs to mine cryptocurrency.

Ultimately, Xbox Series X remains remarkably scarce even a full 14 months after the console’s initial release. So, while tomorrow’s GameStop restock won’t be fans’ only chance to buy one, it’s an excellent opportunity for anyone who’s still trying to get their hands on an Xbox Series X.

Source: Gamerant

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