GameStop Now Has Its Own Wallet for Cryptocurrency and NFTs

GameStop launches a browser extension wallet for customers to be able to handle their virtual currency and browse the company’s upcoming NFT market.

In a world in which NFTs and cryptocurrency are taking center stage, GameStop is diving into the virtual money business and offering its customers a new and innovative manner in which to engage with it themselves. In a post-pandemic virtual world, GameStop invites customers to download its new digital wallet, specially designed for NFTs and cryptocurrency.

Hoping to push into the world of NFTs and open a marketplace for them by the end of July, GameStop is creating a browser extension wallet for customers to be able to freely buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrency right from their web browser. This move puts the company in the spotlight, assuring its place in the conversation about NFTs and cryptocurrency, which is exactly where GameStop wants to be.


Certainly, in a world that is not fully familiar with these new virtual currencies and NFTs, customers are sure to have reservations about a browser extension wallet that engages in this type of marketplace. The promises that the wallet makes to customers include:

  • Store crypto & NFTs securely
  • Utilize decentralized apps on Ethereum
  • Fast & fairly priced transactions on Loopring Layer 2
  • Self-custodial for full control of your assets

GameStop promises to keep network speeds high and trading transaction fees low as it mediates these trades and transactions between customers and vendors. It also advertises multiple levels of security, including a Secret Recovery Phrase that each customer has in order to recover an account that has been blocked for security purposes. In the instructions to install the wallet, GameStop recommends downloading from the Chrome extension store and then pinning the GameStop wallet icon to the extension bar.

From there, it is a basic account creation and activation protocol and, within minutes, customers are ready to start trading in NFTs and crytocurrency right from the browser extension wallet, eliminating the need for multiple tabs being open for different accounts. Once the GameStop NFT Marketplace is up and running, the wallet will allow customers and users to be able to simply open one singular program to access their own funds as well as browse through GameStop’s carefully put together catalog of different virtual currencies and assets.

It is true that GameStop has a history of being a volatile stock itself and that pushing into the up-and-down market of NFTs and cryptocurrency is a risky move, but customers are always looking for ease-of-access and the wallet will provide just that. The wallet will act as a way for customers to keep track of their virtual funds, but also introduce them to the upcoming GameStop marketplace.

Source: Gamerant

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