GameStop Manager Fatally Shoots Alleged Shoplifter


  • A GameStop assistant manager in Florida has been charged with manslaughter for shooting and killing an alleged shoplifter.
  • The assistant manager had a gun for self-protection after being previously robbed at the store, but the alleged shoplifter was unarmed at the time of the incident.

A 33-year-old GameStop assistant manager is accused of shooting and killing an alleged shoplifter. While the company has faced serious financial setbacks in recent years, GameStop remains one of the largest video game retailers in the world, with over 4,000 locations globally.

GameStop may not be as popular as it once was, but the store is still a go-to for many gamers who are looking to buy the latest release or get a new gaming console. GameStop has found itself frequently making headlines since the infamous stock price situation from a couple of years ago, but now the company is making headlines because one of its assistant managers is accused of shooting and killing an alleged shoplifter.

According to police, Derrick Guerrero was working at the GameStop in Pembroke Pines, Florida when he noticed 21-year-old Chadrick Coats, who was allegedly trying to steal Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trading cards. CBS News reported that the alleged shoplifter “dropped the merchandise” and tried to run away from Guerrero, but that at that point, Guerrero pursued Coats and shot him. Other outlets have claimed that Coats was attempting to leave the store with the stolen cards, so at this point it’s not 100% clear exactly what happened. What all the reports can agree on is that Coats was unarmed. According to the Associated Press, Coats died about three hours after being shot. Guerrero has been charged with manslaughter and is currently out of jail after posting a $25,000 bond. Guerrero has apologized to Coats’ family, but the family has not commented on the situation.

Additional reporting by CBS News explained why Guerrero had a gun at his GameStop store in the first place. Police told CBS News that Guerrero was robbed while working at the GameStop a few months prior to this incident, which led to Guerrero buying a gun as a means to protect himself. However, Coats was said to be unarmed and was allegedly in the process of leaving the GameStop at the time that Guerrero allegedly shot him.

The GameStop corporation itself has not commented on the situation at the time of this writing, though the store Guerrero worked has been closed since the incident took place. GameStop itself is in the midst of major changes. GameStop has recently named a new CEO that is looking to turn the gaming giant’s misfortunes around and become profitable. But with the gaming industry becoming increasingly digital, it’s hard to see how GameStop may fit without radical changes to its business.

Source: AP News, CBS News, Local 10

Source: Gamerant

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