Gamer Finds Old Blockbuster Game That’s 15 Years Overdue

A gamer finds an absolute blast from the past, a forgotten Blockbuster Xbox 360 video game rental their father forgot to return long ago.

A gamer has come across a forgotten Xbox 360 video game their father rented many years ago from Blockbuster. The popular rental franchise once dominated North America until the popularity of streaming services such as Netflix forced them out of business. Now, only one Blockbuster is left, and it can be found in Bend, Oregon.

Today, Blockbuster may be all but wiped out, and the days of renting are over, but a documentary about it aired in 2020 on the popular streaming site Netflix. It detailed what led to the demise of the rental chain and some other exciting tidbits. In addition to this documentary, a sitcom-style series titled Blockbuster is headed to Netflix and looks to be both hilarious and nostalgic. For those who grew up renting from Blockbuster, it’s a chance to introduce today’s generation to a franchise that was a big part of many families’ lives. Seeing this iconic store brought to life in a show will likely bring back many happy memories. From late fees to forgetting to return a rental, those were memorable times.


Now, a Reddit user, ChloefortheW, shared an image of the forgotten Xbox 360 Blockbuster rental they came across. Their father rented the game Crash of the Titans about 15 years ago and never returned it. Funny enough, the rental for this Xbox 360 title was only for five days, hardly enough time to enjoy the title.

Many other users also remarked how they were surprised Blockbuster didn’t even give gamers a week to enjoy their rental. The gamer who came across this forgotten video game said that their father used to play his Xbox right up until their brother was born. The Xbox 360 may have come out over a decade ago, but another gamer finally got the red ring of death on their Xbox 360 console; hopefully, that isn’t what led to this father of this gamer’s lack of video gaming.

Some other users challenged the original poster to drive to the last Blockbuster and return the game themselves. Others who may not have been around when Blockbuster was at the height of its popularity learned that besides movie rentals, they also rented out video games such as Xbox 360 titles. It’s not uncommon to also find other console games depicted with the iconic “Property of Blockbuster” sticker on the shelves of retro video game stores. Perhaps this will inspire others to see if they also have a rental from Blockbuster gathering dust somewhere.

Source: Gamerant

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