Gamer Builds Impressive Pokemon Starter-Themed Gaming PC

A hardcore fan takes their love of the game to the next level by creating a custom PC set-up themed after popular Kanto Pokemon.

Pokemon fans can really be hardcore, especially those who have been in the fandom for the longest time. Generation 1 Pokemon have arguably been one of the most popular set of Pokemon, with The Pokemon Company always including them in their themed merchandise as well as in their latest video game titles. Now, an avid fan shares their custom PC setup, one that reflects their intense love for the Kanto region pocket monsters who were responsible for starting the global Pokemon trend.


Though Pokemon is already at its 8th generation with its latest titles, Sword and Shield, many fans still recall their love for older generation Pokemon with fondness. And the devs have definitely taken notice of this. In fact, this is likely the reason why the original 150 Pokemon always make an appearance in remastered titles like Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, and even in spin-off games like Pokemon Unite. With Kanto Pokemon continuously making their presence known, it is not surprising for fans to incorporate them in their real lives as well.

Showing off their custom Pokemon-themed creation, Reddit user 1YardLoss shared several photos of their decked out PC setup. The setup even includes a keyboard with Pikachu keycaps. Inside the rig, almost everything seems to have been made to reflect the Pokemon theme, from the custom-cut Kanto starter metal plate covers for the PC fans, and even the Poke Ball cover over the processor. At the bottom of the case, Pikachu figures are seen on top of the rainbow-lit fans.


To really emphasize the set-up’s Kanto starter design theme, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle figures have been placed inside the rig, on top of the graphics card. Several Pokemon cards are also pasted around the inside, while the outside case is covered in artwork of the original 150 Pokemon. To provide players with a nostalgic feel, the well-known Pokemon League badges have also been displayed. Many fans on the Reddit thread complimented 1YardLoss’s work, while some have mentioned that the amount of items in the rig make the setup look very cluttered.


According to the original poster, this is the fourth custom Pokemon build they have created so far. They also shared their website on the Reddit thread, where they take orders for personalized PC designs. Some of their work include themed PCs inspired by films like Spirited Away and anime series like Darling in the Franxx. Given just how creative and flexible 1YardLoss is with their work, fans from any fandom can easily hit them up if they are interested in getting a custom computer centered around a certain theme.

Source: Reddit, Odder Tech

Source: Gamerant

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