Gamer Builds Impressive Minecraft Door in Real Life

An online post showcases a wooden door from Minecraft, impressively recreated in real life for the bedroom of the user’s son.

A Minecraft fan online has shared an impressive image of a door based on the game, which they’ve recreated for their son’s bedroom. With Minecraft now over a decade old, it shows how the game is continuing to be passed from generation to generation in the same way that its spiritual predecessor LEGO was before it.

Since its release in 2011, Minecraft has become one of the biggest gaming franchises of all time and continues to frequently inspire the next generation to create. Developer Mojang has even released Minecraft: Education Edition, allowing its impact to be felt in schools across the world.


The image shows the standard wooden door from the game, which Redditor EthanSky14 has painstakingly recreated, holes and all. Such is the accuracy of the creation, that many users in the thread were confused about whether it was a hyper-realistic texture pack mod rather than real life. It’s a fair assumption, given that there are many Minecraft shader packs that begin to blur the line between game and reality. Curiously, the design lacks a handle, which leads to questions regarding the door’s practical use.

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The process used by the user makes the creation of the door all the more impressive. EthanSky14 says “It is a single type of wood of several different colors, roasted in the oven.” It would have been easy for him to simply paint the door, but to take the time and effort to roast the wood in different shades goes to show what a real labor of love this was for his son. It’s not the first time a player has taken from the game to create something for their family, with one fan even creating a family portrait based on themselves in Minecraft.

It speaks to the cultural impact of Minecraft that fans continue to honor the game in their day-to-day lives in this way. Since Microsoft purchased the game in 2014, it has only grown as the company continues to invest in its future. It’s a safe assumption that the game is going nowhere, and players can expect more creations like this far into the future. Whether Microsoft and Mojang will eventually pursue a Minecraft sequel is still up in the air, as the original game continues to be supported with frequent updates. In the meantime, spin-offs such as Minecraft: Dungeons and Minecraft: Story Mode have helped to expand the audience beyond those interested in the original.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and legacy platforms.

Source: Gamerant

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