Game-Breaking Destiny Exotic Telesto Trends Because of Xur Sale

The infamous exotic Destiny 2 weapon Telesto is being sold by Xur this week and players are joking it’s responsible for unscheduled maintenance.

Saturday afternoon Bungie took Destiny 2 down for emergency maintenance. The announcement from Bungie was short and lacking detail, leaving Destiny 2 players without an answer to why the game was offline and how long it would take to bring it back up. Never missing an opportunity to resurrect a meme, the Destiny 2 community has been quick to blame the infamously broken weapon Telesto for the game’s dysfunction. It couldn’t be a simple coincidence Xur started selling Telesto the day before servers crashed, after all.


The memes about Telesto and Destiny 2 being offline have spread so fast that the term “Telesto” is currently trending on Twitter, an impressive feat with both the NFL and UFC having major events Saturday evening. Some are even making jokes that Telesto will be the final boss in Elden Ring, as From Software’s upcoming RPG is also trending on Twitter.

The story behind Telesto becoming a weapon legendary for its broken behavior goes all the way back to 2016 when the exotic Fusion Rifle gained the reputation of being prone to bugs due to its odd style of floating purple bullets. That reputation escalated in 2021 when Telesto would genuinely crash Destiny 2 if rapidly firing bullets into the ground during a 12-man raid. These memes grew even more prominent when Bungie disabled Telesto for PvP because it could be used as armor, but multiple bugs allowed Destiny 2 players to continue using it anyway.

To be clear, there’s no indication that Telesto is causing today’s Destiny 2 server outage. Destiny 2 players are simply joking that because Telesto rotated into Xur’s selection of items for sale this week, a new wave of players having access to the weapon could explain the server outage. They’re mostly joking.

It’s still remotely possible that Destiny 2 did go down due to Telesto, however unlikely that may be. Bungie took the servers down due to emergency maintenance, which could mean any number of things. Telesto crashing raids again, or disrupting PvP in an unforeseen manner, could be the reason. How much more could the legend of Telesto truly grow, at this point?

While the threat of Telesto may be fun, the truth is that Bungie dropped an update on Thursday during Destiny 2 maintenance, and it’s had issues ever since. Three messages shared by the Bungie Help Twitter account on Friday described issues with Destiny 2 players connecting to Bungie’s servers. No specifics were shared about the cause of these connection problems and the servers were taken down Saturday, assumedly to roll back the recent patch to the previous version of Destiny 2. That, or it’s Telesto again.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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