Funny Video Shows What Grand Theft Auto NPCs Would Be Like in Real Life

Grand Theft Auto NPCs are well known for always having something to say when a player walks by, and one fan hilariously mocks their awkward lines.

Grand Theft Auto V impressed many gamers when it launched in 2013. Allowing players to roam around a huge map, containing both the city of Los Santos and the surrounding area of San Andreas, while also containing a narrative which gave players access to three characters that they could switch between, Grand Theft Auto V brought about many exciting and groundbreaking changes to the series.

Grand Theft Auto V still impresses on many accounts, and its online mode Grand Theft Auto Online is still giving out new free updates to players, such as the “Contract Expansion” which sees Franklin from the story mode return alongside a cameo appearance by rapper Dr Dre. As the game is now over eight years old, many who return to Grand Theft Auto V are doing so to experience the freedom and wackiness of the online mode, though with so many years since the game’s launch, its showing its age in a few ways.


Grand Theft Auto NPCs have become notorious throughout the community for their distinct lines of dialogue, responses to the destruction of Los Santos, and even their walks. One Grand Theft Auto fan creating an incredible video to mock the way female GTA NPCs make their way around the map. More recently, one fan decided to poke fun at the random dialogue an NPC will throw at the player should they walk past them.

The TikTok shows everything from hilarious dialogue to even the awkward way Grand Theft Auto NPCs run around the streets. There’s even a nod to how NPCs can randomly start a fight with the player, and immediately end up being knocked out. Despite the humor in the video, its clear the creator has a good amount of knowledge on how Grand Theft Auto NPCs work, and commenters quickly responded at how funny the video was, mostly because of how truthful it was as well. Grand Theft Auto’s NPCs aren’t just ridiculous in their dialogue though, as one player learned they are willing to defy gravity to avoid a car crash.

Though Grand Theft Auto NPCs may belittle the player up until a gun in placed at their forehead, or start fights for no reason and have awkward run animations, many fans of the series are still thankful for the detailed systems that allow many of the Grand Theft Auto NPCs to be unique. Even eight years later, the interactions with the citizens of Los Santos still hold up, and are even better than some modern games like Cyberpunk 2077.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is out now for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, with PS5 and Xbox Series X versions also in development.

Source: Gamerant

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