Funny Halo Infinite Bug Lets Player Drive Warthog While in the Gunner Seat

In a Halo Infinite multiplayer match, events take a strange turn as a player drives a Warthog while using its turret at the same time.

Since its surprise launch back in November of 2021, Halo Infinite has slowly fallen off the map over time in terms of player count and popularity. Due to connection issues, microtransactions, and a lack of consistent updates, Halo Infinite has come up short of player expectations.

Be that as it may, it is still the latest Halo installment, and much like Call of Duty, there will always be players wanting to jump back into the Spartan armor and queue up some multiplayer matches for the unique combat experience the franchise offers. Such players incidentally end up capturing amazing moments like a Halo Infinite player getting a killtrocity on a new map.


However, much like the connection issues that have Halo Infinite players ranting about quitting, the game also holds its fair share of glitches. These have typically been points of frustration for players, killing the immersion of the campaign while ruining the competition of multiplayer. However, sometimes these glitches do end in hilarity; for example, recently a player somehow glitched their Warthog, allowing them to drive it while manning the mounted turret.

Reddit user blasto_pete captured the moment and posted it to Reddit, displaying the strange glitch after whatever had triggered it; this leaves the cause of the glitch up in the air, but the results are plain to see. Blasto_pete “drives” their way around the map, simultaneously gunning down enemies and driving around. The glitch seems to make the game think the player is manning both positions at the same time because every time blasto_pete fired their turret, the horn of the Warthog would blare as well. While not as powerful as Halo Infinite‘s tank gun, blasto_pete’s strange ability certainly transcended the Warthog’s normal limits.

Other Reddit users offered further context to the strange glitch. A few users noted the glitch had happened to them as well, and explained why blasto_pete’s bullets weren’t killing anyone in the clip; since the game thinks that the player is occupying the driver’s seat, it doesn’t truly register the bullets being fired. The result is the Warthog’s turret playing its sounds and animation without doing any damage. Other users loved the glitch and said there should be a new game mode where everyone can drive and use the turret at the same time.

While the glitch and clip are funny, a new game mode where players control their own Warthogs solo could actually be a lot of fun. In the past, a game mode called rocket race was a fan favorite where players would ride together on a mongoose and blast others with rockets; perhaps a Warthog game mode could be added to a future Halo Infinite slayer playlist.

Halo Infinite‘s campaign is now available for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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