Funny God of War Mod Adds Unused Dialogue From Christopher Judge

God of War PC mods are being created to change all kinds of gameplay features, but one just adds some dad jokes from Christopher Judge.

The mod community has really taken a shine to God of War now that it’s out on PC. Some of the most impressive game mods in history have added new gameplay features in the past. New levels, weapons, characters – all can be put in games that were never meant to have them by amateur developers. Or, modders can just change God of War‘s dialogue to dad jokes.

God of War was released for PC on January 14 and, like the PS4 original, it was universally acclaimed. A deep and impactful reboot of what was previously thought of us a simple action game, the PS4 version was already regarded as one of the best games of the last console generation. Now, it’s been upgraded on PC with a number of new graphics features, including true 4K resolution and up to 120 FPS gameplay. However, that hasn’t stopped the gaming community from trying to tweak things even further.


The video below was posted to Reddit not to show off a mod with new graphics features, but a brand-new dialogue track with new lines from Kratos himself, Christopher Judge. This hilarious new mod not only allows Kratos to curse, but he also has some terrible dad jokes to make. It’s impressive to see that the subtitles have been changed to the new dialogue as well, with the nice touch making an already entertaining mod better. The mod is easily installable for anyone with the PC version, so gamers can see for themselves how different the dialogue is.

While the best joke is from the legendary “God of Dad” session, some of this dialogue comes from the amazing feature-length documentary behind God of War, called Raising Kratos, which is worth a watch for any fan of the series. Gamers will need to put aside two hours for it, but the time is needed for a deep dive into all the hard work that went into completely revamping and updating the beloved PlayStation series. Nearly four million people have watched it on YouTube alone, showing how beloved the game has become.

While gamers wait for God of War: Ragnorak to be released sometime later this year, many are thinking about improvements that can be made from the first God of War. The release date may seem to never get closer, but if players have the original game on PC, it’s clear that they will have plenty of mods to try while they wait.

God of War is available now for PC and PS4.

Source: Gamerant

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