Funny Elden Ring Clip Shows What the Game Would Be Like If It Was Directed by Michael Bay

A new video from one creative content creator opens the flood gates for memes around Elden Ring being shot like a feature film.

It would appear that Elden Ring has finally been around long enough for some players to be able to take on even the toughest bosses with ease, or at least the appearance of ease. As a result, online content creator SunhiLegend has now started sharing videos of Elden Ring‘s boss fights that combine nearly perfect gameplay with their signature cinematic camera work and slow-motion.

In response to this new video, fans have already started taking the footage and creating their own Elden Ring memes with the intense combat being put on display. Combining these shots with the intensity of the boss fights on their own, some fans have started to compare SunhiLegend’s videos with blockbuster films from some bombastic directors, such as Michael Bay.


The newest clip from SunhiLegend that has started making the rounds shows the player fighting against one of the final bosses, Radagon, with the classic Greatsword weapon. In the video, it only takes two minutes for the boss to be taken down, and the clip has the added bonus of some incredible cinematography, getting high and low angles from a camera that seems to move with complete precision. While this isn’t the fastest an Elden Ring player has beaten Radagon, it’s definitely one of the most stylish ways that the boss has been taken down.

However, as is often the case with the internet, the story doesn’t simply end with an impressive video showing off how cool a player can look while wiping the floor with Radagon. Both Elden Ring fans and SunhiLegend’s own followers have started to pull images from the video or small clips from it and compare their favorite parts, as well as make their own memes. One that has quickly spread among fans comes from Reddit user lilkhaaaaaa and caps off the end of the fight as if it were a trailer for a blockbuster movie coming from the bombastic style of Michael Bay.

As skilled players continue to get better and better at beating Elden Ring faster and with more style, the type of content that SunhiLegend produces is going to start expanding across many of the game’s most difficult bosses. For those players that have faced off against even the easiest bosses will note, however, managing to beat some of them at all is a feat. Even if Elden Ring had its own dedicated photo mode or cinematic features, this level of skill would still be incredible to see. It only makes it more impressive to know that all of that camera work had to be done while also fighting Radagon.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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