Funny Elden Ring Clip Shows Enemy Fleeing from Player Character

One Elden Ring player witnesses a bizarre phenomenon where an enemy flees the scene when the player character approaches to kill them.

Elden Ring has proven to be one of 2022’s best titles for many fans thanks to a massive open world mixed with impressive gameplay. These are among the many factors responsible for the incredible commercial success of the game. Notably, Elden Ring sales have surpassed previous FromSoftware titles like Sekiro and Dark Souls series in a very short time.

Besides the aforementioned factors, Elden Ring‘s online mode also receives praise from fans as it allows them to play against one another or team up to defeat challenging bosses. Many clips have gone viral showing Elden Ring players engaging in unusual activities in the game’s online mode. For example, one Elden Ring invader helped a player to find the Mohg boss fight and also gifted them the Lord’s Rune.


Furthermore, Elden Ring is known for its tough bosses which are famous for being extraordinarily ruthless and unforgiving. However, that is not always the case, as shown in a funny clip where Elden Ring boss Margit abandons the attack before taking a long while to charge for it. Another similar and equally bizarre incident is in the limelight, where an Elden Ring gamer came across something strange and hilarious. Reddit user KakashiBigD uploaded a video clip describing their funny experience while playing the game. The incident seemingly takes place in Fort Gael, where many Radahn Knights can be found. Initially, the user is seen sneaking up on one of the Radahn Knights before finally killing him and acquiring the Greatbow.

After killing the first knight, the player approaches a second to take them on until they see something unexpected. As the Radahn Knight sees the player coming towards him, he hilariously flees the scene against all expectations. The user soon reached the knight’s initial location, where he was seen sprinting as far away as possible. Naturally, the Reddit community dropped witty and humorous comments, with one user saying that the knight fled as this job was far above his pay grade. While other Redditors sarcastically praised the Elden Ring enemy for being the smartest man in the lands between.

It seems running away is a trending activity among Elden Ring characters as a similar incident was in the news recently, but this time concerning Torrent, the horse like creature that players can mount to navigate the massive open world. However, a viral video on Reddit shows Torrent running away from an Elden Ring player after they dismount instead of disappearing upon dismounting.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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