Funny Elden Ring Clip Highlights ‘Jump With Me’ Trust Exercise

A hilarious clip captures a player, aptly named “Jump With Me,” jumping off of ledges while enemy players decide to jump with them.

Along with being known for its open-world setting and its challenging combat, Elden Ring is also known for its multiplayer elements as well as its community. The FromSoftware community has transferred over to Elden Ring smoothly, bringing with it memes, clips, and tons of examples of player collaboration as well as duels.

Typically, the multiplayer aspect of the game is used whenever players are having trouble with a particular boss or section of the game. This most recently manifested in the viral phenomenon of Elden Ring‘s Let Me Solo Her, a player who dedicated their in-game time to soloing the game’s toughest boss fight Malenia, Blade of Miquella.


However, as is the case with multiplayer, sometimes player interaction ends hilariously or in an unexpected manner. For example, an Elden Ring player found a new glitch to reach AFK farmers, leading to a hilarious clip of a player running through the air as though they were flying. More recently, a player decided to have some fun in player-versus-player by changing their name and physically suggesting to other players that they should jump off the edge of buildings and cliffs.

Creating a character that is a far cry from Let Me Solo Her, instead Reddit user LaTars thought it would be a fun experiment to rename their character to “Jump With Me,” inviting players to jump to their deaths along with them. The surprising result was that a ton of players indeed joined LaTars in their jumping experiment, and since LaTars was the summoned enemy, they ended up profiting with plenty of furlcalling finger remedies and runes as well. Much like the Elden Ring player teaching lion guardians tricks, LaTars tricked other players into falling to their deaths.

Reddit users were blown away by the results of LaTars’ little social experiment, cracking plenty of jokes about the hilarious clip. One player astutely noted that people jumping with LaTars was truly a Souls thing to do, making light of the deep ties to community many players feel. Another player made a hilarious reference to the Smash franchise, saying the other players were simply giving LaTars a “homie,” or free, stock. Yet another user jokingly asked “if your duelist jumped off a bridge, would you as well?”

Whatever the reason was that compelled players to jump to their deaths, it was hilarious to watch LaTars’ clip of it happening in real time. Comparable to the Elden Ring band practice, clips like these show the strange yet endearing sense of community many FromSoftware players have come to both represent and love.

Elden Ring is available for PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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