Funny Destiny 2 Clip Shows Disastrous Start to Grandmaster Nightfall Strike

The universe of Destiny 2 is ripe with danger, and it is the brave Guardians who regularly face that danger with weapons and powers a-plenty. There are still plenty of challenges to tackle in the endgame, whether it be the various raids or Grandmaster Nightfall strikes where the enemies hit harder and the risk of failure is higher. One fireteam trying to tackle one of the game’s hardest Grandmaster Nightfalls met this failure, though much earlier and funnier manner than most players may expect.


Destiny 2 is currently in its fifth year live, kicking the current year of content off with its fourth major expansion The Witch Queen. The expansion pits players against Savathun, the Hive god of cunning, in a battle nearly seven years in the making after the titular queen somehow gains possession of the Light. Guardians must venture into her Throne World to learn how she did this, take back the Light, and learn more about the force behind the Darkness looming on the horizon.

With Season of the Risen coming to a close, players have been grinding as many endgame activities as possible to be ready for the next season and hopefully get gear that will be going away in Season 17. Grandmaster Nightfalls are one such activity, and a brave fireteam was looking to tackle the Grandmaster difficulty Glassway strike, widely regarded by the Destiny 2 community as one of the hardest Grandmasters in the game. However, the team was barely out of the proverbial starting block when things took a disastrous, but funny, turn as the clip from Reddit user Desolate02 shows.

The three Sparrow pile-up that occurs is not an uncommon occurrence in Destiny 2 due to how players typically use Sparrows to zip around the maps and the number of steep drop-offs, like cliffs or hills, there are in most of the zones. One wrong turn can send a player flying off to the ground below and, if they’re lucky, the sparrow bounces them off before exploding. The aforementioned fireteam, unfortunately, were not this lucky and the moment was made even more embarrassing by the extinguish modifier kicking the team back to orbit since all three died in the crash.

The saving grace for this fireteam was the accident took place at the very start of the Strike. For Destiny 2 players, one of the most aggravating things is fighting all the way to the boss room as slowly and cautiously as possible, only to wipe right near the end and have to do it over. That said, it is entirely possible this was the case even after they loaded back in because of the Glassway’s difficulty.

Destiny 2 is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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