Funko Pop Selling 20th Anniversary Halo Master Chief Figure

Xbox officially opens pre-orders for the new 20th anniversary-themed Funko Pop vinyl figure of the iconic Master Chief from the Halo series.

Halo and Xbox’s 20th anniversary celebration has led to the rise of a variety of interesting tributes to the franchise, ranging from bonus anniversary content in other games to limited-edition Halo merchandise. Now, the company has teamed up with Funko, creator of the incredibly popular Funko Pop collectibles. Fans of Halo can now pre-order the Master Chief 20th anniversary limited edition exclusive Funko Pop vinyl figure.

This isn’t the first time Master Chief has appeared in Funko Pop form, but it may be one of the most visually impressive. The heavily stylized base design of the standard Funko Pop figure can clash with the feel–and features–of some characters, but Master Chief looks great. The combination of simple but distinctive armor shapes with a completely-covered but recognizable face leads to a very game-accurate figure.


Funko recently took to Twitter to announce the Master Chief 20th anniversary limited edition exclusive Funko Pop! vinyl figure. This figure is differentiated from other Master Chief Funko Pop figures in several areas, most notably in the design and coloring of Master Chief’s iconic armor. It features Master Chief in his original MJOLNIR Mark V armor with a matte black and gold color scheme taken from the Halo 20th Anniversary emblem. The armor is overall black with a few small blue and grey accents, while the visor that dominates Master Chief’s face is bright gold.

The figure also comes with a classic Funko display box complete with an Xbox Gear Shop sticker of authenticity for collectors who’d rather not take it out and place it on a display shelf. As supplies of this limited-edition figure are strictly limited and interested fans can only buy up to three units, it’s likely that this will end up a very rare Funko Pop. While fans can buy it separately, it will also be available in a special bundle that also contains an exclusive 20th anniversary mug with a special metallic printing treatment and a black-and-gold 20th anniversary keychain.

Halo fans can celebrate the franchise’s 20th anniversary by pre-ordering the figure as of Tuesday, December 28th, 2021 at 9 am PT / 12 pm ET / 5 pm GMT, with the presale taking place exclusively at and https:/ However, fans from outside the USA and UK may be assured to hear that the figure will ship internationally. Returns and cancellations will not be permitted, so fans should be very sure that they want this figure before committing to the order.

Source: Xbox Gear Shop

Source: Gamerant

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