Four top tactics to help you stay alive on Apex Legends’ new Storm Point map

Surviving to be the champion in Apex Legends has always been as much about preparation and tactical awareness as it has been a good aim—and that’s never been more the case than on Storm Point, the new Season 11 map. You’ve got to know about the the new wildlife you can encounter, and be ready to take advantage of the G7 marksman rifle’s addition to the care packages that drop (replacing the Triple Take marksman rifle).

However, one of the biggest advantages you can have is mastering two of the other freshest additions—the new legend Ash, and the CAR SMG—both of which are perfect for helping you survive everything Storm Point can, and will, throw at you. 

Our first tip, then, is to take full advantage of Ash’s Ark Snare tactical ability. This electrical projectile can be thrown across the map to damage enemies but, more importantly, tether them in place. An enemy that can’t run can’t escape, making them much easier targets to take down.

While the Ark Snare can pin people in place and leave them at your mercy, Ash’s Phase Breach ultimate gives you incredible mobility, letting Ash open a portal anywhere in her line of sight within a 60 meter radius. Mastering the ability to almost instantly reposition yourself when things get too hot is the second tip for surviving Storm Point. Being able to reach a more tactically secure position in the blink of an eye is a huge advantage to bring to a fight and with Storm point being a much more vertical map claiming the high ground has never been easier.

For a third tip, make sure to grab the new CAR SMG. This submachine gun, returning from the Titanfall series, can take both heavy and light ammo types. That gives you a huge advantage in terms of stockpiling rounds to take into a battle, as well as letting you switch between them depending on the situation. It’s got one of the fastest time-to-kill stats in the game, meaning getting one in your arsenal gives you the ammo reserves and the versatility to become a real danger on the island.

Which brings us to our last tip: take on the wildlife and clear out the nests for high tier loot. While the prowlers and spiders you can encounter aren’t push-overs, they’re certainly less of a threat than rival players and will drop ammo and attachments (depending on your loadout) that will buff out your resources and lethal potential. Flyers, on the other hand, will drop death boxes full of loot to help you fight your way to being champion.

Those are just a few tactical tips to help survive Storm Point. So remember, choose Ash to take advantage of her Ark Snare trap and Phase Breach teleportation, pack a CAR SMG for a versatile, heavy hitting weapon, and search out the local wildlife to stock up on ammo, attachments and gear. The question is, will this knowledge give us the advantage we need in our upcoming All Killer No Filler challenge when we take on a trios match solo…

Source: PC Gamer

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