Fortnite Update Adds Deku’s Smash, Falcon Scout, New Reality Augments And More

The latest Fortnite content update is finally here and it adds tons of fun items and new reality augments to the game, so here’s what’s new.

Although it was delayed, the latest Fortnite content patch has been released, and it’s time to take a look at what’s new. This week’s Fortnite update didn’t arrive on Tuesday to everyone’s surprise. Epic Games is usually very timely with these matters, but, for some unknown reason, there was a one-day delay for this update. This disappointed the community since everyone was excited to know more about the additions that were being made to the game and which bugs would be getting fixed.


Thankfully, it seems that the update was worth the wait since a lot of changes and additions that have been made could really improve the game’s current state. Unfortunately, Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 has been riddled with way too many glitches and made it difficult for fans to get the most out of it and truly enjoy themselves, but a lot of major bugs were also taken care of.

The new Fortnite content update dropped Wednesday rather than Tuesday, and surely made up for it by creating five Reality Augments, fixing the Deku’s Smash, and putting it back in the game, and adding the Falcon Scout item, a remote-controlled drone that scouts a nearby area and can pick up downed teammates. On top of that, the second phase of Oathbound Quests has also been released as part of this season’s narrative quest line. It’s definitely going to be an exciting few days for Fortnite fans as there is a lot to try out, play with, and complete.

The unvaulting of the Deku’s Smash mythical is somewhat a controversial decision on Epic Game’s part since not everyone was a fan of it. The Deku’s Smash was removed from Fortnite suddenly without any type of announcement or explanation, but fans speculate that it might’ve been to its overpowered nature. Epic claimed that it was removed due to an issue it did not identify; the latest patch notes only explain that the issue that caused it to remove the item was fixed.

There has been no further information on the Fortnite hurdle mechanic which recently returned to Fortnite along with the same issues. Epic Games has said that it has fixed mantling-related issues that caused players to be flung across the map, so perhaps hurdling bugs were also solved with the latest patch. As users play around with this new update, it will soon become clear whether these additions were a good idea or not, and hopefully, no additional items will need to be removed out of the blue.

Fortnite is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Epic Games

Source: Gamerant

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