Fortnite Reveals Clint Barton and Kate Bishop Skins From Hawkeye Disney+ Series

Fortnite is no stranger to crossover content. In fact, almost anyone who is familiar with the game knows it’s essentially second-to-none when it comes to bringing outside franchises and IP into the fold. The regular practice has shown no signs of slowing, with the latest additions coming in the form of Marvel’s Clint Barton and Kate Bishop.

Epic Games’ ever-popular free-to-play battle royale title is well into the second month of its inaugural Chapter 3 season. The latest season has seen a near-constant stream of robust content updates, from items to mechanics, NPCs, weapons, and more. The most recent update patch marks the return of Fortnite‘s iconic Tilted Towers location, along with introducing the massive Klombo dinosaur and unvaulting the Grenade Launcher.


Detailed in a post on the official Fortnite website, the Clint Barton and Kate Bishop skins are designed after the popular Disney+ series Hawkeye, specifically in the series’ final episode which sees Clint and Kate as a fully-fledged duo, donned with the costumes made by their LARPing friends. The expert archers are dropping into the island with an arsenal of accessories, with both characters getting their own set. Each skin comes with their own unique quiver Back Bling, while both characters have their own bow-themed Pickaxes, along with a universal Aerial Archer Glider.


The Hawkeye pair may soon have even more Marvel company, according to a particularly detailed leak. A couple of days ago, a leak revealed Spider-Man’s nemesis Green Goblin is also headed to Fortnite. While a release date wasn’t revealed, many of the Marvel villain’s cosmetics were. Fortnite‘s Green Goblin takes inspiration from his classic comic book look, rather than either of Willem Dafoe’s iterations from Spider-Man: No Way Home. Players will soon have access to the skin along with a pumpkin-themed Back Bling and Pickaxe, as well as Green Goblin’s iconic Glider.

In addition to Fortnite, Kate Bishop has also found her way into a much different title. Revealed today through its official Twitter account, Marvel’s Avengers is adding a Kate Bishop skin, also inspired by the Hawkeye Disney+ series. The skin comes as a result of countless fan requests, although one cosmetic difference is already drawing the ire of players. While the Hawkeye series has actress Hailee Steinfeld sporting wavy front locks and a ponytail, the Marvel’s Avengers version has only a ponytail, which fans are calling inaccurate. Fortnite‘s version avoids this issue with an MCU-accurate hairstyle.

With such a heavy Marvel presence, some fans may feel Fortnite isn’t giving other properties enough attention. Rest assured, though, as another Fortnite leak reveals new League of Legends cosmetics are on the way, inspired by the smash-hit series Arcane.

Fortnite is free-to-play on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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